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Wes Linden

Wes Linden

Dropped Out Of University Without Qualifications For MLM

Wes Linden got started in network marketing in 1997, at the age of twenty. He had been studying English language at Brunel University. University was a struggle for him. He did convert his degree into a teaching degree later on. He went into student teaching. It was during the time he served as a classroom assistant that he learnt of the opportunity to earn millions of dollars yet living the lifestyle he had always only dreamed of.

Originally, Wes Linden saw network marketing as a great way to earn an extra 200 pounds a month. However, once he hit that target, he realized he could make much more with a little more effort. He did quit university without getting the qualifications. Six months into this business, he made the choice that we all have to make in our lives. This choice consists in us continuing to live a life that isn’t ours; or in living our own passions.

Take hold of that dream and vision. And with the right people, you’ve got a chance it will work out great.

The decision to try pursuing network marketing made him, in theory, retired by the age of 24. He was getting more money than he needed to live; and already driving the finest cars. He lived in the most elegant houses. The lifestyle he wanted came earlier than he had even expected. Currently, he has a holiday almost every month.

The business is not about the extra pounds that it puts in your bank. It’s the choice in the opportunity that opens up for you. It’s in the lifestyle; and not having the stress that most people have in the 9-5, and the forty/fifty-year plan.

Wes Linden has never taken a traditional job. Besides, he never finished his university. He dropped out but with a dream. He’s currently one of the top leaders in the network marketing industry. And he’s spoken at some of the biggest events in this industry. He’s also contributed to the industry by writing to inspire others.

He’s the author of “79 Network Marketing Tips For Fast Track Success;” and “The Prosperity Game.” I’ve personally read them and highly recommend them. I believe anyone can make it in network marketing.
Whatever we focus on, we get better at. Some of you just need to focus on the right thing. You focus on what you really want. And you shall get it. If personal financial freedom and time freedom are important to you. Start part time today with network marketing. You will be glad a few years down the road that you decided to do this.

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