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sarah robbins

Sarah Robbins

A Formerly Shy School Teacher

How could a shy teacher in her 20’s, living in a depressed economy, find success in network marketing? I later learned that’s the beauty of this business model. It takes ordinary people and helps them to achieve extraordinary results!

Sarah Robbins recounts of how she was interviewed against 1100 people so as to get to teach the grade she loved. This was the job she had prayed for since her childhood. She is a formerly shy kindergarten teacher. While she loved teaching, she faced financial difficulties with her husband, and the fear of loss of her job. And they were under constant stress, worrying about the future. As a teacher, she was watching schools close down all around her and it felt like a very unstable time. They both decided that was no way to live. They wanted a better life than that, and they were determined to go after it. This caused her to look for extra income, and her search led her to her current business.

“I was freelancing for a company whose brand was in retail to supplement my teaching salary. I made the transition with them when they moved from retail to direct sales. To my surprise, I became one of the first consultants in the company. I immediately began sharing our story: of our products and our life changing opportunity. Because of the timing of the company and the economy, my business began to grow quicker than I imagined! To my surprise, by the end of that school year, I surpassed my teaching income. A few short years later, I was the first to earn a six-figure MONTHLY income in my company”

Sarah is proud to say that after just one year o working her business 10-15 hours per week, she was able to leave her teaching job. By the age of 29, after working her business full-time for 5 years, she was able to earn a six figure per month income. Today, she is happy to see success spread throughout the network marketing industry. Looking back on her decision to begin this journey, she only wanted to make a little extra money to save away each month in case she lost the teaching job.

Sarah Robbins didn’t have any experience in direct sales when she decided to seize the network marketing business opportunity. She simply believed in herself and in the quality of the brand she had come to know as a household name in skincare. Robbin and her mother joined as Independent Consultants and both have seen incredible changes in their lives as a result of their businesses. She emphasizes that being good at this business and growing it in whatever capacity you desire doesn’t take any special skills. It doesn’t even take any business experience. What has made her own business so successful has been a strong will and a passionate “why.”

I had great impact as a teacher,” Sarah says. “Today I am able to influence thousands of lives and teach people how to build the lives of their dreams. We are living proof that anyone can live the American dream.

Sarah went on to become the first consultant to be inducted into her company’s Hall of Fame. She was also the first consultant to reach their Million Dollar Circle. Today, she remains a top direct selling consultant with her company.

Still young and with a long, exciting future ahead of them, Sarah and her husband, Phil, plan on traveling the world together, and changing it for the better. Sarah is still teaching, but in a different way now. She doesn’t face a classroom in the early mornings, but instead she faces each day with the freedom to choose exactly how she will help or encourage someone. Her earnings have allowed her to contribute to charity, supporting women and children in need. Sarah and her husband built a child home for orphans in India in 2014, thanks to the time and resources her business provides to them. They’ve also focused on providing education for these children. Network Marketing has enabled them reach far many people than they would have reached with her as a teacher. We all can reach more than we currently are. We can do more today!

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