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Rolf Kipp – Don’t Dream Your Life; But Live Your Dreams

Have you already achieved your dreams? What will your life look like in the future? Every man is the architect of his own fortune. There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

Rolf Kipp

He hails from German. He was born in 1964. At 31 years of age, Rolf was working in management in a large company for twelve hours each day of the week. The meagre salary he received couldn’t support his ever-increasing needs. He admits being unhappy about his life. Both his parents were sick, yet he had a wife and children to fend for.

Forced by the challenges facing him, he became restless and earnestly searched a way out. On a business trip to Miami, Florida, he fell on a magazine article that changed his life. The more he learned about the network marketing opportunity he had read about, the more excited he became. Through network marketing, he could be part of a business that helped real people.


To be honest, at first I recommended the products to my parents and they had unbelievable success. My parents felt better right away. My mom looked younger; you could see the effect especially on her skin.

Rolf Kipp

After 18 months in the business, he decided to do it full time. He could see a promising future ahead of him. Rolf Kipp has attained extra ordinary success in our industry. He has been among the top 10 earners in the whole industry worldwide. Currently, he makes not less than 500,000 Euros per month. That’s the power of building with a network marketing opportunity. One can get a huge income that is as a result of individual efforts of very many people.


His network alone has more than 2 million people. By the time he started, German was not yet open for his company. Also, most of the people there weren’t familiar with the company products. In spite of all the challenges that are posed as a company is starting out in a region, Rolf Kipp made it. If he can, so can you. It doesn’t take one to be an Einstein to do what Rolf did. He lives the life of his dreams today. The fact that others have made it is proof that others too can. You can!

When will you create your fortune? Change your normal life and start to believe in yourself and your vision. Every person is unique and wonderful and deserves a unique and wonderful life.

Rolf Kipp

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