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Rodrigue Sodansou

I remember that I used to go to the streets to speak to strangers. It was hard, but after a few weeks, I started to see results. Three months came, and I started making serious money with the business. Through the years, I have helped thousands to become successful in this industry, and that, for me, has been the best feeling.

Rodrigue Sodansou

He was 19 years old when he joined network marketing. But this hadn’t always been his dream. Rodrigue Sodansou hails from Benin. His dream had been to be a famous football popular. On finishing college, he even decided to pursue this dream by joining a football group. However, life has its knocks. It wasn’t long before he found himself packing bags for France. It was time to pursue an engineering degree in Energy.

Why France? Rodrigue hoped every day would feel magical if he close to the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, life still had its knocks in France. Life rewards only those that pay the price. To pay the bills, he worked as a part time security guard. It was a tough time. He couldn’t count on his family back in Benin for even basic needs. To keep in France, and pursue his degree, he had to beat the odds every single day. Rodrigue has confessed on several occasions that he was the most broke in his circle of friends.


His life took an unexpected turn at a point when he was trying find comfort through dating. This girl that he had met over the internet insisted that he had to attend a very important event. It was slated for the 9th December, 2011. Instead of taking her to diner, she took him to an event. How hilarious!

To be honest, I didn’t believe all those numbers of people I saw, but I was so sure that not doing something was riskier than trying – so I did it.

Rodrigue Sodansou

Rodrigue Sodansou started in network marketing with borrowed money. He didn’t have much those days; except the strong desire for a better life. He was a full-time student with a demanding course. There’s nothing that can stop anyone that decides they want more out of life. Excuses don’t pay the bills. Excuses don’t give your parents, family and friends the quality life you’ve always wanted to give them. Like Eric Worre says, network marketing isn’t perfect, but it’s a better way. It doesn’t matter our backgrounds. We can all make it in network marketing!

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