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Rafael Rojas

Once a dish washer...

A Mexican national, Rafael worked as a dishwasher (for over 5 years) just to survive when he immigrated to the United States. Survival had always been a battle for Rafael and his wife Monica. Traveling from city to city in need of work just to be able to eat, Rafael had lived in Acapulco, Mexico, El Paso, Texas and other places. Rafael Rojas came to the United States in search of the American dream just like many other immigrants, but things were not that easy on his part. Rafael had to take two jobs that paid peanuts just to enable him pay his bills. He remembers one time living with 11 other immigrants in a single one-bedroom apartment.

Rafael was in search of the American dream and he started joining multilevel marketing companies. He lost faith in 2 of two of the companies he first joined; and when he found one he did well with, it collapsed just as he and Monica were expecting their first child. Andrea, their first born, was born at the wake of financial challenges. The millionaire you see today had to sell his TV and all other relatively expensive things he owned for pennies, so as to cater for his wife’s hospital bill.

Rafael and Monica did not give up, but they did lose faith in MLM. Going deep into debt, Rafael bought a restaurant in Mexico. It was during this time, he remembered a meeting he once had about their current company. Meeting with the original person who had told him before, Rafael and Monica became excited and joined in February 2005. They were nearly $70,000 in debt and went to work building the business immediately.

In fact, their ears ached during their first month in their company. This was due to the multiple phone calls they were making. Rafael Rojas and his wife Monica shared their products and business plan with their friends and neighbors. Their hard work paid off as they achieved the senior Director II rank, earning $28,130 within their first month.

The couple are in the top 50 list of high earners in MLM. Rafael has been able to make millions in a foreign country, without even knowing their language, culture, and people well. He made millions in the challenging multi-level marketing industry, barely knowing how to speak English. Rafael and his wife, Monica Rojas, are currently living their dream life, without question. The family is not only successful in mlm business but has also helped thousands of people build their businesses and overcome their personal developmental barriers. The Rojases believe that anything and everything is possible in mlm business!

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