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Pearl Hung

I only live once, so I’ll make sure it’s worth every second.

Pearl Hung

Pearl Hung was born in a wealthy family in the island of Palawan. She recounts of how she had it all before the age of 3 when her parents passed on. Thereafter, it was from struggle to struggle for her. In spite of it, she was outstanding all throughout her childhood years. In her home town, she was an affluent youth spokesperson. She engaged in several activities then that were for the uplifting of others, especially the youth.


Times did not get better because of her involvement with lots of people. Things were blurry for her until she joined network marketing at the age of 19. She calls her company a God-given opportunity; and admits that not until then did she begin to see the light her soul had longed for.  At 20 she bought her first car. Two years into the business she earned her first million. A sports car came the year that followed. And by 23, she hit the highest rank in the company then.

My vision is to inspire a lot of people and touch as many lives as I can. I can see it will be contagious because my principle in life is finding your purpose is not enough until you help other people find theirs too.

Pearl Hung

Pearl Hung participated in Miss Philippines competitions in 2018. She emerged as Miss World Philippines Second Princess 2018. During the pageant, she was considered the crowd favorite. She stood out among others as her family in network marketing cheered her all the way in this contest. For her, attaining this title is another stepping stone in empowering others. Moreover, she wants to let others to spread the empowerment they have to others too.


Pearl says that life is about living. She inspires people to live, not just to exist. Today, she’s widely known as the Millennial Entrepreneur in the Philippines. She’s made more millions in the industry. Her life comprises of travel and giving inspirational speeches at different events. In network marketing, one can really be young & rich! As has been the case for Pearl Hung, network marketing can be a vehicle for one to attain their wildest dreams. She’s been able to reach millions through her company; to inspire and empower them to be successful. If she can do it, so can anyone else!

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