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Natalie Heeley

Natalie’s story reminds us that as long as one is motivated, they will attain whatever skills are required, and succeed at what they set their eyes on. She’s a single mom that was earlier on in traditional businesses. Like many other moms, she came to realize that she was not advancing in her business when she discovered she was pregnant. All she was doing wasn’t really profitable! She needed something flexible.

The Solution

Her mom had been inviting her to look at an mlm opportunity for nearly a decade. Natalie Heeley had always put it off. And on this one time her mom dragged her to an event. Immediately Natalie knew she had found the solution.

At first, it was difficult for her. It was her mother doing some of the product launches she had to do. Natalie lacked belief, was shy, and not confident. In spite of this she advanced ranks quite fast. And got stuck at one of them until…

Anyone who does not know what he wants in life will have to be satisfied with what he gets.

George Bernard- Shaw
Disney World

It wasn’t until she discovered that her child wished he could visit the Disney world he used to watch on television. He would draw pictures in school about it. This caused a moment of reflection in Natalie Heeley’s life. Her children were looking up to her for the life they craved. Settling for less began to make her uncomfortable. Her children became her why.

I learned that I could link my goals to the incomes on the marketing plan. When you apply goal setting, you make your dreams a reality.

With a new outburst of motivation and emotional attachment to her goals, it took her two months to attain the next rank in her company. This didn’t mean it all got easy. It still required belief, courage, and consistence. Many still doubted her. They laughed at her. Some said it would never work. And many people said no to both the products and the opportunity. It took five years of hard work for her to become 1# UK business builder.

Make your children your reason to do this business, not your excuse not to. The most amazing part is being able to be there for my children whenever they need me and never having to miss out on anything to do with them.

1# UK Business Builder

Natalie Heeley currently earns a six-figure income which allows her to privately educate her children. Together with them, she has received hilarious rewards and recognition at different events in her company. She’s able to go with them on several foreign holidays every year. Among the incentives she’s been given is an amazing car paid for by the company. The future of her grandchildren is forever secure. She can inherit her own mother’s residual income. And her children can inherit both her income and her mother’s.

Natalie shot for the moon the moment she realized her WHY. What is your why? Why do you have to give your best in this life? Is succeeding in life important to you? Then like Natalie did, apply goals so as to make that dream a reality. It does take hard work. But this hard work is easier when you are motivated. Learning the required skills is easier when you are motivated. Dreams come true when we find our WHYs.

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