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naoki and Kimie hongo

Naoki and Kimie Hongo

Network Marketing Japan

Naoki and Kimie Hongo have achieved, what very few people could possibly think possible in Asia. This couple were living in extreme poverty in Japan when they were introduced to the opportunity to join mlm. Skeptical at first, they tried the products and Kimie just loved how it helped her skin’s texture. So, the couple began to tell their closest friends about their company product line, and they began to purchase products from the Hongos.

As the faces, bodies, and lives of their family and friends improved, they got more and more people interested in the products. Many people who bought the products initially had very little knowledge about the financial freedom that came with the products. So, when Naoki and Kimie Hongo spilled the beans about the business opportunity associated with products, the sales of the products went viral. All the families and friends that have been using the products enrolled and BOOM! When Naoki and Kimie received their first check, they were flabbergasted. They never dreamed they could make this kind of money.

The Hongos have built an extremely large mlm business in their native Japan. They are huge earners in their company and have shown many people there can be success after being nothing. Naoki and Kimie Hongo started from zero. They are now in the top 100 list of all time mlm top earners in the world of direct selling; and earn a total of $175,000 USD per month and a whole $2,100,000 per year. Naoki and Kimie Hongo still live in Japan, but lead a totally different lifestyle from the one they had before joining the network marketing business. They now live in a luxurious dream house, with everything they ever dreamt of.

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