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marcus dahlgren

Marcus Dahlgren

A Former Carpenter

Marcus Dahlgren started out as a carpenter and is now known as “Mr. Attitude.” From building people’s houses, he’s now building people’s lives. He was introduced to network marketing by someone that had turned up to pay rent to his parents. His parents had rented out an apartment. To him, it’s the dream of a better life and better future that attracted him to network marketing. As part of the home construction business, he knew he could never go on the kind of vacations he has the opportunity to go to right now. He saw network marketing as an opportunity to change his life for the great.

He immediately got plugged in and made the big money. Like many other network marketers, he spent most of his profits trying to build traditional businesses, but in vain. It is a common tendency for those who’ve been successful in a certain field to presume they have all it takes to be successful in any field. Having squandered most of what he had made earlier on in the mlm industry, he dived right back into direct sales. He decided to rebuild bigger. Rejection was only an ally unto him.

He’s been in network marketing and social media marketing for more than a decade. His first ever network marketing program ended up having more than 300,000 distributors and customers. Marcus also offers coaching and participates in speaking arrangements, helping to inspire others. You can personally attain significant results in network marketing.

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