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You are a dreamer. But are you a doer? Are you a person of purpose? Being an entrepreneur is a journey. Just like life, it’s full of ups and downs, and highs and lows. The only thing that is constant is change and lots of speed bumps. The best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to keep learning: keep reinventing: and keep your eyes on the target. And if you want a real competitive edge, embrace the low points. For hidden in the dark times are the opportunities for learning, for growth, and for transformation. The key to success is to develop a mindset to overcome the lows so that you not only survive, but thrive.


Kim Hui was born in China; and raised in Hong Kong. When she was a teenager, her family moved to America as immigrants. They were a typical immigrant story i.e. working class, older parents who didn’t speak English, with four hungry girls to feed. The first couple of years were very challenging i.e. going through high school, not knowing the customs, and not speaking English. For her parents, it was even more difficult. They worked very hard to provide for the family. One day Kim decided to ask her mom why she had taken them to America.

Mom said that she brought us to America with one purpose. She wanted all her daughters to go to college and to have a good education. Growing up in Vietnam, my mom never had a chance to get a formal education. But she’s very well read. My mom reads constantly. On her only day off, she would take us to the library with her to help her carry the stack of books home. To my mom, education is essential. That’s why she brought us here to America – to have the opportunity to go further in life. She was determined to give us the opportunity she never had as a kid. She and my dad were willing to do whatever it took. That was the first time I discovered the power of purpose.

Kim Hui

It’s the sense of meaning. Purpose brings meaning. It brings drive. Purpose is why we do things. It gives us will power. And as she works with entrepreneurs around the world, Kim finds the sense of purpose resonating with all of us regardless of age, race, gender, culture, or profession. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to find your purpose. You’ve got to find what drives you. This is the foundation with which you develop a winning mindset. Purpose is what will help you develop the drive. It’s what fuels you everyday to pursue your dreams.

After college, Kim Hui spent a few years working as an accountant in corporate America. Life was comfortable, easy and steady. Then unexpectedly she lost her job during a round of corporate downsizing. And at the same time, her personal life fell apart. She had just turned 30. It was a desperate time for her.

I needed a new direction to turn things around. I wanted to take control of my own destiny. And I told myself that I would never be fired again. And most importantly, whatever my next thing was, it had to fulfill my purpose in life.

Kim Hui

She was lost and struggling. And she did a lot of soul searching trying to find her meaning in life. By chance, she was introduced to a network marketing group. She dived right in. It was very challenging in the first years. Her family was against door step marketing. Her sister would call her everyday to ask if she had quit. Those were the toughest times. There were internal pressures set off by self-doubt. And externally, there were a lot of rejections.

Things got really tough financially at one point. To pay the bills, she took a tele marketing job. In the nights and on weekends, she would attend meetings to learn this business. Having been trained as an accountant, she didn’t know anything about sales. Smile and dial – that’s what she had to do as a salesperson. But she did sales excellently! That experience boosted her confidence. It changed her; and gave her a new outlook on things.

I realized that my limits were self-imposed. To overcome my own mental barriers, I had to develop a new way of thinking. I learned to push myself; and to stretch my own boundaries. Reflecting on this now, I was reprogramming my own mind. This is when I began to accept that suffering is part of the journey. There are difficulties in no matter what we do i.e. be it at work or in relationships. Looking back, those challenges represented my training ground. Then I rediscovered my purpose. It was simple then. I wanted to build a successful business to make my parents proud; and all their sacrifices worth it.

Kim Hui

The world is always changing. As entrepreneurs, the path to success is to equip yourself through constant learning, continuous reinventing, and finding your purpose. You must believe in the journey. Only by walking the path can we discover the possibilities along the way. Because we are often limited by our own minds; and by what our eyes are capable of seeing. Kim Hui travels the world today. She’s among the top 10 earners in the network marketing profession. She does what her parents did for her for many out there with the proceeds of her network marketing business. Choosing to do this business for her was choosing to be among those that help transform the lives of others for the better.

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