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katrin bajri

Katrin Bajri

Break Down The Walls!

When we consider the word nothing, Communism really rises to the top of the list. People in communist countries are considered nothing unless they are high level leaders. Katrin Bajri lived in communist East Germany and she was not a high-level leader, but from what we see with her MLM skills, the communists should have considered Katrin for a leadership position.

Break down the walls of your fear and give yourself a chance to become successful in life. You are only confined by the walls you built yourself, so tear down those walls and set yourself free.

When President Ronald Reagan said those famous words, “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall,” and soon after, the wall separating communism from democracy was destroyed. Katrin made her way to a free world and joined a MLM company. She did well, but the MLM company did not and it closed its doors. Katrin found another MLM and joined in 1999. In under 3 years, Katrin reached the highest level possible – Double Diamond Manager.

Katrin has shown us there is success after nothing. She wrote the book “Breaking the Wall” from her home in Dubai. Katrin Bajri is one of the most successful women in Global Network Marketing in Europe; and holding the unsurpassed record for being the fastest Double Diamond in her company.

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