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Kathy Denison

A Former House Cleaner

In exchange for wealth, Kathy gave up her entire environment, borrowed money, and moved to a city with a huge population and much more potential – one where she knew nobody. She sacrificed the familiarity of her comfort zone for the excitement of wealth.

At thirty, Kathy Denison woke up to the reality that she was living a nightmare. She was married to a terrible abuser, and her twelve-year-old daughter suffered the pain of seeing her mother mistreated. One day she decided it was time to act. She left her husband, and moved to the small town of Basalt, Colorado. While there, she cleaned houses to support herself and her daughter. While her personal life visibly began to improve over the years that followed, her finances were nevertheless in ruins. But not having a title, she did not have many options either.

Kathy had always believed that she had the talent and mentality to become a millionaire. For the first time, when she met Network Marketing, she found herself facing an unlimited business without major capital investments. Let’s read the story told by Mark Yarnell himself, her employer first and then her very happy sponsor.

“When I met Kathy Denison for the first time in Aspen, Colorado, in 1987, she was a single mother who lived in a one-bedroom apartment. She did what she could to support her family with her meager housekeeper’s salary. I had begged our real estate agent to help us find a housekeeper because so many friends visited us that our house soon became a kind of hotel. Kathy agreed to meet with me as a favor to her best friend, the real estate agen. Though she had already decided not to accept the job. By then, she was cleaning many houses and she felt exhausted. On the other hand, she really needed the money. Also she had a debt of gratitude with her friend for the amount of work she had done when she broke up.”

“When Kathy came into my home that first day I was impressed by two things: first, she was obviously outgoing; second, she had enthusiasm, a very warm smile. Although she was working as a maid, she was undoubtedly a person “with the gift of people”. Naturally the old “Yarnell prospects” emerged, as it usually does when I meet someone with a strong personality. Kathy had an inner strength, a personal conviction and an unmistakable sense of her own worth. Something inside told me, that these gifts would allow this young woman to one day change her luck forever.”

Kathy hurriedly associated with every possible prospect of Basalt and Aspen. Then she moved to San Diego, and gradually built a business that made her multi-millionaire. Five years later, she would be resting on a San Diego beach in her dream home with her husband, Mark Rogow. She went from being a humble maid to a millionaire in just a few years.

Almost a decade later, Kathy Denison is one of the true heroines of Network Marketing. As more women like Kathy join this industry, and we continue to listen to more emotional and financial stories of poverty-to-wealth, women will continue to occupy important positions in an increasing number. In 1997, Kathy was designated as one of the ten “Distinguished Women” according to the International Network Marketing Guide by Jerry Hoffman.

I do not know what your situation is in the present, do not let anything block you or prevent you from achieving all your potential. I believe that there are thousands of women equal to her. Each one could succeed if she managed to free herself from her limiting schedules.

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