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Kami Dempsey

I know there are other women out there who want to have choices, and the world tells us we don’t have choices, that we have to live within this box that’s been created for us. It’s no longer working, but people are still trying to make it work because they haven’t been shown this amazing vehicle called network marketing.

– Kami

Kami Dempsey was a middle school math teacher and a basketball coach. Her dream had always been to be a professional basketball player. That dream was snatched from her in a car accident that left her with a brain injury. She therefore took the road of teaching in school and coaching others to play the game she loved very much. Kami admits that she loved her work; but it was consuming all the time that she had no more family time. To make things worse, that work contributed very little to the finances in her home. Yet at the point she had got to in life, she desperately wanted to do something that would help her always put family first.


Unlike most network marketers, Kami’s parents had done the business ever since she was little. She would watch them make home meetings. She personally witnessed the freedom with network marketing when her father quit jobs yet their lifestyle improved at home because of the extra cheques from network marketing. Personal development CDs were something she was accustomed to. She believes that the trainings she watched her parents hold were the seeds that sprouted in the years she saw success in her network marketing career. The opportunity to join was knocking on her life door, but she had postponed it right from college.

Once I was holding my new baby, I couldn’t imagine going back to school and raising other people’s children while somebody else was raising mine. Since we could not afford to keep me home, we started looking at home-based businesses and especially network marketing companies.

– Kami

Even with the salary of her husband combined to hers, there was almost nothing left at the end of each month. She came to the realization that what she was doing was not going to work anymore especially if she wanted to have a family. She signed up in 2006 after the birth of her son, Landon, into the same company that her parents were. Business was slow in the first months. She found more customers than distributors in those days. It wasn’t until the economic crisis of 2008 that other people began to think like she had earlier on. They needed a second source of income.


In those days, her company didn’t offer a lot of support tools. So, she was trying all she could with her team. They went door to door, hanged flyers on door knobs, mailed coupons to people’s homes, and even run ads in newspapers and radios. It all paid off. She became the first millionaire in her company. Kami Dempsey joined the millionaire circle by the BFH in 2013. She’s gone on to become an influential leader today that has been featured in the Wall Street Journey, Success for Home, and Networking Times, among others.

In the beginning you build the business for yourself so you can have the story that it can work. Then you turn around and help others to get to where you are.

– Kami

She currently lives with her husband, Nathan, on a 43-acre home. She’s co-authored a book called “Retire Your Husband” with one of her business partners. Her emphasis today is to give back unto society. She is a motivational speaker and a business mentor. Kami achieved her goal of being able to always put family first. She does this business with her husband. And has been able to be there for her three children. She was the first to be awarded black diamond in her company for consecutively earning $100,000 per month for more than 6 months. Today, she makes even much more. It’s possible for your dreams to become reality.

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