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jordan adler

Jordan Adler

Author of Beach Money

During his first 10 years in the industry, his track record was abysmal. Jordan Adler worked with 10 companies and didn’t recruit a single distributor. In his mid-thirties, he owed $36,000, spread across 22 credit cards; and with only $200 in the bank. He hadn’t worked for two years, and earned a severance of $41,000 per year from his old employer. He was living in a garage in Tempe, AZ, and his rent was $200 a month. His jeep had been broken down for 2 years and he was taking a bus to wherever he needed to go.

However, over the course of 36 months Jordan Adler transformed into a top earner. Since then, he has earned more than $20 million from his various programs. He built a business consisting of over 200,000 distributors, and nearly 500,000 customers in countries all over the globe.

I have quit and I have persisted and the results of persisting have been much better—Jordan Adler

Today, he’s the author of the book “Beach Money” and is regularly in demand as a speaker and writer. At the age of 55 years old he decided to become a licensed helicopter pilot for fun. Jordan is a regular contributor and featured writer to the #1 network marketing magazine in the network marketing profession, Networking Times. He lives his personal dreams on a large scale and then inspires others to go for theirs.

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