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john earl shoaff

John Earl Shoaff

Jim Rohn's Mentor

John Earl Shoaff was Jim Rohn’s first and most important mentor. He was born in 1916. He was born with a heart condition, and doctors did not expect him to live. But he did. During the great Depression, Earl was a teenager (at age 14) and found work at a dry cleaners. He was a hard worker; and within a short period, he had been promoted to manager.

During the World War II, Earl volunteered in a medical role with the American Field Service. This only damaged his heart more. But he kept on living. He got married after the war and opened the business he knew i.e. dry-cleaning business. After some time in Michigan, Earl and his wife, Flossie, decided to go West. They sold the business and moved to California where Earl began to work a job.

His encounter with network marketing began in 1953 after an invite to a lecture on success. Earl joined his host’s mlm company, which was called AbundaVita. It was a nutritional supplement company. Earl excelled in it to staggering levels of income. He was eventually promoted to VP of sales. This is when Jim Rohn heard of Earl; and signed on the dotted line to become an AbundaVita distributor. By this time, Earl made regular success speeches.

In 1957, Earl left AbundaVita to start the Nutri-Bio Corporation along with Richard Schnackenberg and Harry Ebbert. This was a direct sales organization which sold vitamin, mineral, and protein dietary food supplements. Through Nutri-Bio and his success policies, Earl Shoaff become a multi-millionaire.

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