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jimmy smith

Jimmy Smith

Butcher to Mlm Star!

Jimmy Smith had a choice early in life: his mother wanted him to go to college: his father wanted him to follow the male legacy i.e. the family of butchers. Jimmy followed his Father’s dream for him. With a high school education, Jimmy became a butcher, and for 40 years, he cut meat. Sure, Jimmy kept the bills paid, but he was never able to really get ahead.

After 40 years as a butcher, the physical nature of the job had taken a toll on his body. Jimmy Smith was forced to either retire or find another career path. Jimmy opted for the latter. So, with his work ethic, open mind, entrepreneurial spirit and lifelong desire to have a family business, he discovered an industry called network marketing. His willingness to think “outside the box”lead him to a presentation by Don Failla.

After seeing this presentation Jimmy gained an understanding of the geometric progression of numbers as it relates to a person’s income potential. With this new found understanding, Jimmy had a much bigger vision of what was possible via the network marketing profession. Jimmy realized that he was born to be a network marketing professional. The skills of helping and serving others that he practiced daily as a butcher also helped him build his network marketing business.

In 2002, at the age of 74 and after several years (over 14 years) in the industry, Jimmy found his current company. It was the company Jimmy was looking for. It’s founder and co-founders are individuals with integrity and a desire to help others succeed both physically and financially.

Their compensation plan is what really impressed Jimmy. It allowed him to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams of owning a family business. He was looking for a business that would allow him to work with and live life with his six kids. This allowed Jimmy to partner with his children. As a result of Jimmy’s Vision and industry leadership he has been able to guide his family to become one of the top income earning families in the Network Marketing Industry. This will insure Jimmy Smith’s Vision will be a legacy for generations to come.

Now, at 90 years young, this vision is what Jimmy is out there sharing freely in order to build what he knows will be his legacy to his family and friends. “Every man wants to live; wants to love; wants to learn; and wants to leave a legacy. I’ve done a lot of the first three, and I am working on building a lasting legacy right now.”

Jimmy Smith started from scratch at 74 and made by 89 over $57 million. Never too late to follow your dreams, what an epic story! Jimmy says if he can do it, anyone can be a success in network marketing. If you teach a man to teach others to fish, you can feed the whole world.

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