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jerry scribner

Jerry Scribner

From Building People's Homes to Building People's Lives

“We had serious economic needs when we found our Networking business, ” – Jerry Scribner says. “Someone told me I’d find success the fastest by taking massive and immediate action. So, I did! Network marketing doesn’t involve becoming a salesman or energy expert. It’s really about using the marketing tools the company has developed to gather teammates and train them. I’m just the messenger, not the message.”

His dream was to become a professional athlete. Jerry grew up in Central Michigan. He desired immensely to play for his beloved Detroit Tigers, Lions, or Pistons, and become a champion. Unfortunately, his sports career ended in high school. This is so similar to many out there. Those dreams ended in high school. However, he refused to give up his dream of being a millionaire by 30. He kept pushing. It was all in vain.

He then attended college and dived in to corporate America. His dreams had obviously diminished and he settled for an average home. Yes, he settled for debt like many households have today. He settled for a just ordinary common man life and home. He lived an average American life, with a job in construction that he wasn’t thrilled about at all. Getting laid off from his job in the construction field made him hungry.

The Turning Point

The turning point in his life occurred in 2007 when a friend introduced him to the concept of network marketing. He was asked to watch a short online video regarding network marketing. Many lives continue to be changed even today by these short videos. The video made sense. Jerry launched his business on a spare time basis.

The first thing his friend did was send him a personal development CD by Jim Rohn. That single act of kindness propelled Jerry to seek his own journey of personal responsibility. Jerry Scribner became a devout reader of personal development books. He was always listening to CD’s in his car that would teach him how to be a better person and he decided to associate with the kind of people he longed to be. Jerry considers himself a “normal guy” who focused on studying the success of others.

He’s gone on to become one of the top earners in the industry and ranked as the number 12 earner with a $860 million company. He now has a blog where he offers tips and tricks for building up a residual income. He also recommends books to read and videos to watch.

“Formerly, I built things for others,” Jerry says. “Now, however, I am building a great future for my family through network marketing.”

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