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jackie christiansen

Jackie Christiansen

A mompreneur...

About Jackie

I believe that every human being was created in God’s image of His perfection and is blessed with individual gifts to manifest and share with others. Every person is special in their own unique way and has a mission for their life, whether it’s to be great father or mother, to teach, to invent things, to be the best real estate agent, restaurant manager or super sales person, we all have our own gifts that are unique to us to share with the world. I believe network marketing is the most exciting and promising opportunity for those that want to be successful, whether is to make money and provide financially for themselves and their family, or to excel in personal development and business building.

Network marketing provides these opportunities, while encouraging, inspiring and helping others to be successful. Network marketing allows anyone and everyone the opportunity to take back their life, to take control of their future and their destiny, with no limits on what you can do. Everyone needs a mentor; someone who believes in them and someone that can show them the way. I believe we were made to live in community with one another and to lift each other up. I feel it is my calling to help and inspire others to go one more step; to give it one more try, to go one more day and to push just a little harder. I believe you’re worth it and I believe you can do anything you set your mind to, and I’m here to help.

Who I am

I am an entrepreneur and have been a business owner for over two decades. My career started in sales and real estate development. However when my children were small I searched for a way to work from home. I have worked as a certified nutritionist and personal trainer and that is where my love for helping others began. I’ve also been a competitive bodybuilder, mindset coach, network marketing professional and social media expert.

I want to share with others what I have learned so that they may also experience the same happiness and success in this wonderful industry that I have. I am also a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister. Not different or specially gifted, but I do have a heart to give and serve. I’ve helped thousands of people begin their network marketing careers and have taught thousands of people the skills of how to do it right. I have inspired thousands to believe in themselves and their unlimited true potential.

Be Different

I straight up care and it matters to me that people are successful. I am tired of network marketers coming to me and telling me they can’t be successful and complaining to that they just can’t seem to do it, and they ask me if there is there any hope left and should they even try? It breaks my heart that people are really trying to be successful in this industry, but they want to give up so easily because they feel no one cares about them. If this is a people business then why aren’t people caring about others’ success? Maybe it’s our nature and we are selfish; but we need to start thinking outside of ourselves and help others.

This is the whole point, and it is the only way to success in network marketing. My advice? Don’t make this business about you, make it about your next new distributor and their success, make it about your next new customer whose health you may change for the better. Making your journey about others is the key to be truly successful in network marketing, and in life. Think about that for a moment, and how fulfilling your life will be if you operate in this way. My wish for you is to have success in all areas of your life, not just network marketing. Success in your personal life – in your families, in your marriage, your health, your finances and your spiritual life. This is what makes life great. Make it good, make it great, make your life count, and help make other people’s lives count.

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Author: Jackie Christiansen

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