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gloria mayfield banks

Gloria Mayfield Banks

Gloria Mayfield Banks overcame dyslexia, domestic violence, and a painful divorce. She’s become a top sales executive and multi-millionaire network marketer today. She worked as a sales representative for IBM; as a manufacturing marketing manager for Stratus Computers; and as an assistant Director of Admissions at the Harvard University School of Business. It was not until 1988 when faced with difficult divorce (as a single mother of 2) that she joined network marketing. Within a year she set company sales records, and her business has grown to over $24 million in retail sales today. She has a sales group of over 6,000 consultants. She broke records that only three other women in the entire United States have been able to reach since the birth of her company.

“Although I grew up dyslexic, I graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. And later from Harvard University with a Master’s of Business Administration. Because reading was so difficult for me, school was always challenging. However, I met the challenges, overcame them, and eventually achieved more than even I thought possible. I was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. How did I manage a learning disability to achieve not one, not two, but three degrees!”

She currently is an internationally renowned motivational speaker, success strategist and sales trainer. Gloria has trained internationally in China, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Kazakhstan and Brazil. She often works with children, motivating them to get a jump-start in school and in their personal lives. She’s an author. She’s presented onstage with Oprah. And she’s been featured in many periodicals, including Fortune, Black Enterprise, Glamour, and Ebony. Harvard Business School has documented her business success in a case study titled “Gloria Hilliard Mayfield at Mary Kay Cosmetics.” That case study is taught to students in the Business School.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t do. – @GloriaBanks

She is married to Ken Banks, and they live in Baltimore Maryland and share four adult children and four grandchildren! Kenneth Banks is the founder and owner of Banks Contracting Company and Banks Development Group. Ken’s current projects include the $305 million construction of the Convention Center Hotel in Baltimore and the $1 billion-dollar development of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Biotech Park. In spite her success, Gloria still works the network marketing business. She is the #1 ranked Elite National Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, annually leading her international sales team to multimillion dollar success.

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