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Gabi Steiner

You must ask yourself the question of whether you can still earn money when you are no longer working. If you have to reply to this question with no, you are caught in the trap like 99% of people.

– Don Failla

Gabi Steiner was born in 1955. She worked for a wholesaler of technical equipment. Unfortunately, like many single mom’s, she wasn’t able to focus on building her career for she had to take care of her son, Tim. Gabi describes the life she had then as one not marked with highs and lows; but just the annoying normal each single day. When she got introduced to network marketing in 1993, she dived all in. Gabi knew it would take commitment. She was ready to pay whatever the price was for her to succeed in network marketing.

Indeed, it wasn’t long before she quit at the technical equipment stores. The final days that she had to work in the office because of her three-month notice were pure torture. As soon as you taste freedom, and discover how much you could be having elsewhere, regulated work becomes difficult to perform. She quit her job six months into her home-based business.

I asked myself ‘what happens if I become ill? Or simply don’t want to work anymore?’

– Gabi Steiner

Gabi’s goal was to not work by age 50. In other words, she wanted to be able to choose when to work, how much she would work, and above all with whom to work, by that age. She hadn’t found the freedom she really needed in her company. She was so occupied as a product speaker and attending seminars that she didn’t make time for her son. When she later on met her partner, Manfred Weissman, she found that she couldn’t make time for him too. She was so occupied on the weekends when he was at home. Also, she could not afford vacations from her company demands because she had to always sell. It was a network marketing company but with main emphasis on direct selling because of the compensation plan.


Direct selling is what happens almost everywhere. When a shop keeper sells a product, this is direct selling. When someone sells you a bottle of water on the streets, that’s direct selling. There is a huge difference between network marketing and direct selling. Network marketing is a group of distributors selling products but in a network. It means that we build networks which also build networks. And through these networks products are distributed. Moreover, we get paid on each of the products sold in our individual networks. In simpler terms, in network marketing, you can get paid even if you take a vacation from the business. You still get paid on your team’s efforts. In direct sales, you must always make the sales personally to get compensated.

Your career in network marketing should start with discovering your dreams, and end with the fulfillment of those dreams.

– Anonymous

It was in 1998 when she met Don Failla in a seminar that she discovered something wasn’t right with the company she was working in. And at 44 years of age, she got started in a new company. She found it with an easily duplicatable system i.e. low start up cost and minimum purchase volumes. She found she could earn even when she took a break off. Gabi Steiner wrote a book – From Person to Person, where she details some of the things that she discovered and led to the freedom she had always craved for.


From her story, I personally learn that most people don’t know the difference between direct sales, multi-level marketing, and network marketing. Most of the people who join network marketing end up focusing on direct sales; thereby never really building their teams. They focus more on the product volumes they purchase rather than how they grow their teams. There is a great misconception in the world that network marketing is direct sales. If anyone really understands the difference, they will immediately join network marketing.

From Gabi Steiner’s story, I’ve concluded that the only way I can prove that someone knows what network marketing is and what it has to offer, is when they join network marketing. In other words, there are so many people out there who’ve not yet discovered that there is a better way. Let’s go tell the world that network marketing could be the vehicle that they have been searching for since their childhood.

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