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Eugene Hong

Eugene Hong


Eugene Hong moved to Los Angeles in the 90’s. He is from Hawaii. In Los Angeles, he was into the restaurant and catering business. With the help of his parents and siblings, they grilled chicken. They would put in over 100 hours a week. They worked 7 days a week. As a restaurant owner, he began to see returns from this traditional business in the 8th year. If we were to consider people successful in traditional business that have an excuse not to start something new like network marketing, Eugene Hong would pop onto top of the list.

Much as he had become successful in his business, he still couldn’t make time for his friends and family. He had not been able to retire his parents. They were helping him with his chicken business. There was never taking more than three days off work. He had become a slave to his business. He had no time freedom!


In 2006, one of his regular customers kept pressing him to have a look at network marketing. This went on for four months. Hong was skeptical about multi-level marketing simply because he was ignorant about it. How persistent his sponsor was! Eugene Hong only went for the presentation so as to get that bothering customer off his neck.

To his surprise, he needed network marketing. At that point in his life, there are twothings he couldn’t enjoy. He didn’t have leverage. He also didn’t have timefreedom. Yet with network marketing he could have these together with thesuccess he had attained from his traditional business. He signed up the sameday he had seen the presentation!

However, he didn’t start winning immediately. At least not until his WHY became more evident. Not until he set his goals. And did everything with specified intent. He remembered that his parents had never had a house ever since they lost the one they had had close to twenty years before. The restaurant business was no tretiring him or his parents. It was only using the last bits of energy left in them. He wanted more out of life!


This happened three years after he had signed up into network marketing. Eugene Hong then dived into this with massive action. For massive action produces massive results. And it duplicates massive action. By simply doing what his mentor did, he could live the way his mentor did.

This came in handy when some of the diamonds in his organization quit. He and his mentor  instead decided to rebuild. The remedy was always action! Eugene decided to lead by example. He showed his team how things should be done.

We did a lot of fun things and built a community people wanted to be part of. People are always hungry for something bigger than themselves. They want to get behind a mission, which for us was to help people with their health and finances. Network Marketing became our vehicle to transform lives.


Today, Eugene Hong is a highly sought-after speaker in the profession of networkmarketing. He bought his parents a brand-new house. He also was able to retire them. The biggest difference he sees between his life today and to the one where he worked a traditional business is time freedom. He now gets to wake up when done with the sleep. It’s no longer starting at 5 am and returning at 11 pm. He’snow a member of the millionaire club. He’s met and interacted with the top figures in the network marketing industry. He’s made it. He simply followed a system. Systems are no respecter of persons. You work it? You make it!

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