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Elias Muhoozi

Elias Muhoozi is from Uganda. He is a graduate of statistics from Makerere University, Kampala. Like most graduates are, he was very excited on finishing his studies. It’s the moment that one gets to go out and earn something for the very first time after more than two decades of tedious study.


But it wasn’t so for Elias Muhoozi. He looked for a job for the first year after his graduation. Still jobless, he looked for a job in the second year after his graduation. In his third year after the graduation, looking for a job had become a job itself. Much as he had even studied from some of the top schools in his country, the job seekers didn’t seem to be moved. They always told him they would call him back. Up to now, he hasn’t yet received any of these promised calls.

He is the fourth born out a family of seven. The pressure Elias felt left him frustrated, disappointed and hopeless. It was then that a friend that was making more than $2000 per month in his company approached him. Elias Muhoozi joined his current company on the 20th January 2015. He was only 26 years old.

“Let me tell you Africans. Today we seem to be the minority. But this is our time. We are energetic.”


This wasn’t a bed of roses for him in his early days. I guess it has never been so for anyone. By day 30 in the company, he still hadn’t sponsored a single person. It seemed as if the frustration, disappointment and hopelessness, that he had before, was still following him. His family refused to believe the plan. His friends rejected it saying it wouldn’t work. No one wanted to join.

Others bluntly stated that they would never join another scam. Anything that had a pyramid structure qualified to be a scam to them. No’s were the order of the day. No one seemed to want to listen. Yet he persisted. He kept constant in what he was doing. He worked the system! And once the system is worked, it will always work.


After one year in the company, he was earning not less than $10,000 per month from his company. In his second year in the company, he was widely recognized for his efforts by the company. In a short while, he became the top earner in the company in Africa. He became the #1 business builder in Africa before even making 4 years in the company.

“If I can be paid 1 million pesos in one month after one year, what will it be per month in five years; or in 10 years?”

One of the things Elias Muhoozi loved about this business is that he got to earn as he was learning how to build the business. And this pushed him to always continue working the business. In just one year, he had more than 6000 distributors in his team. Yet he’s the oldest among the top distributors in his team. They are a team of young people; full of life and fun!


Because of network marketing, he bought his first car. He currently travels the world. Recently, he wedded his wife. He attributes his success to the support given unto him by his uplines, and the company. Network Marketing has relieved him of the pain of the rat race. And now, he contributes more to the causes that matter most to him.  

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