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Duncan Atukwase

He was working as an engineer when he was introduced to a company that changed his life. When he was first told about the opportunity, he refused to join because the figures shown were too good to be true. He couldn’t believe that the network marketing profession could pay the kind of money that his upline was talking about.


Duncan Atukwase is Ugandan. Because of the several scams that he had heard of, he was convinced that the new opportunity he was being told of was a hoax. Duncan admits having even rebuked his upline over not consulting him for advice before joining network marketing. However, he is grateful that his upline didn’t give heed to his words.


He later on joined after he saw that the company really paid the huge commissions. He says his time in network marketing has turned out to be the best time in his life. In the first month in the business, he made about 20 USD. The next month gave him about 500 USD. Then it went up to over 1000 USD in the month that followed. Not before long he was making 30,000 USD to 40,000 USD per month in network marketing.

Duncan believes that if he can do it, so can anyone else. A number of his friends rejected the opportunity. Many said it wouldn’t work. But he had a dream. He traveled to various nations to show this opportunity only to return with little success. That isn’t the case anymore because his network today cuts across different countries.


He has achieved some of the highest ranks in his company. By the time he got started with his company, no one in his family owned a car. Courtesy of network marketing, he’s now bought rides for himself. He admits that the life he lives today was only a dream to him a few years ago. He’s been able to invest into real estate with the profits from his business. One of the things that gives him joy is seeing others that he sponsored in the business make it in the profession. There is really power in opportunity. If only one can grab this power, their life will forever be changed!

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