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Dana Collins

Dana Collins

Career or Family? Which do you Choose?

Gal From Savannah

Dana Collins is from Savannah, Georgia. Her current success got her to the position of Executive National Vice President of her company. Today she’s a multi-millionaire: met many exceptional people in the network marketing industry: and helped many succeed. From an earlier stage, she learned that her success would be determined by how many people she helped succeed. Above all, she never had to leave for work six weeks after the birth of her children.

You must be wondering why is it that I mention that she didn’t have to leave her six-year-old baby to daycare. I intentionally did mention that. To Dana Collins, family has always been important. And if it had not been so, she wouldn’t have chosen the network marketing profession.

There is a dilemma every working mother faces: when you are at work, you feel like you should be with your children, and when you are with your children, you feel guilty that you aren’t at work. This hit home for me years ago when a close friend called me in the middle of the night sobbing. She was crying so hard, she couldn’t breathe. When she finally calmed down, she said something that really affected me. She said, “My son is six weeks old today, and my maternity leave is over. Today is his first day at daycare. He’s so small. How am I going to leave him with people I don’t really know?” I could feel her heart breaking. The pain she was feeling is unfortunately common; so, my assumption was that in order to avoid this dilemma, I would have to pick either a career or a family. There didn’t seem to be a way to have both. – Dana Collins

Time Freedom as a Mom

Dana Collins passionately felt that she had to be there for her children. This was way before she even had her own children. Many mothers don’t get to do the things they want to do. For example, being there when the child returns from school. Or being able to stay at home with the kids without having to come up with an excuse for the boss.

It’s this desire for freedom as a mother that drove her into mlm. One of the people she met before joining was able to comfortably afford tuition for her several children at college. And yet maintain a great lifestyle.

She came across these people at a time when she had just got a new job offer. Having been stressed and in debt for months, she had decided to go to a convention on skin care. The booth put up by her company struck out to her. And so that’s where she went. They talked to her about the opportunity as they applied the products on her body.

Much as she had just got a job, i.e. guaranteed income, she knew she would want something that gave her much freedom. Having seen the transformation of her skin in response to the products applied, she got signed up. And she learnt the business as fast as she could.

By introducing others to the opportunity and the products, I could build a network of people building a business, selling products and simply using products. My success would be determined by how many people I helped succeed. – Dana Collins

Her Take On Success in MLM

When asked about the secret to success in network marketing, Sarah insists that we should all take away any options to quit. We should be very clear on why we’ve made this choice. And unlike many people, we shouldn’t give up when things get uncomfortable.

Too many people give up the minute things get uncomfortable. Think about all of the people who purchase gym memberships and stop going because it’s hard. If they stuck it out, it would get easier. They stop because they really don’t want the results enough to endure the short-lived discomfort. Starting this business is like joining a gym. Knowing what you want, knowing this is the best way to get it, and being clear on what it would be like to not have what you want, will keep you going and pushing past discomfort, disappointment and discouragement. – Dana Collins

What do you feel in you as you read of others. They say “Success Leaves Clues.” As you read this, you’ve got these clues. If you are part of the network marketing business, decide to even take it to a higher level. If you haven’t yet made a decision to join network marketing, write to us today and we’ll see you off on this ROAD TO GOLD.

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