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conchita vargas lugo

Conchita Vargas Lugo

Conchita Vargas Lugo is an outstanding Mexican, a world leader in network marketing; and a pioneer in the expansion of this business model in Mexico and Latin America. She’s a single mother. She doesn’t speak English; or know how to use computers. Yet she recruited over 400 members into her network in just 5 weeks. She had to do it all offline. She prospected in the open air on the streets.

I am always in a rush because everything has to be duplicatable. If you speak from your heart, people believe in you. You have to duplicate yourself every 8 days.

When she got ill in 2006. She did not work for more than half a year. Yet she remained one of the top income earners in her company. She is #1 distributor with her company. She has worked with this company for more than 17 years; breaking an endless number of records. Conchita conquered the Mexican market and opened Colombia where, in just one year, she grew a network of over 3000 people there. Today she lives a life of legacy.

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