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bri richardson

Bri Richardson

Sales and marketing had always been a natural fit for the stay-at-home mom with an effervescent personality. Working from her home in Texas, she had been able to provide a little supplemental income for her family.  Once she found network marketing, Bri dove in headfirst with dreams of making a name for herself.

As someone who struggled in the beginning and nearly quit network marketing for good, Bri is well aware that results are not always immediately visible.

There was a point in my career early last year where I’d been doing weekly conference calls for a while and decided to stop for a couple months, she says. I questioned myself and wondered if the calls I was doing were really helping people, if anyone was even listening.

By the time her company convention rolled around, Bri received an unexpected response. Several attendees came up to her and said, “Bri, you’ve changed my life,” and “You’re the reason I joined!” “That struck me,” says Bri. “I began to realize how we impact people all the time, even if we do not see it immediately.”

In November 2014, Bri’s financial success enabled her to retire her husband Clay from his job.

“Clay has always dreamed of starting his own business, but that was never a possibility before my network marketing career took off,” she says. Today, he is still in the industry he loves, but he works for himself. As the business took off, Bri and her husband had to pinch themselves at several occasions.

“We recently started a foundation to help women who were abused as children. This has become a real priority for my company and my team. In the long term, I’d like to look back at my career and not think of the name I made for myself. But of how many lives have been changed.”

One of Bri’s goals is to rehabilitate the network marketing profession. She has high hopes for a future where it receives the respect and admiration she believes it deserves. She looks forward to the day when people talk about network marketing not in a negative light.

“There’s a stigma that needs to change,” she says. “I hope to lead the way in getting the public to understand and appreciate the life-altering benefits our business can offer people of all walks of life.”

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