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brandon and lynette cunningham

Brandon and Lynette Cunningham

Network Marketing vs Traditional Businesses

One of the things we didn’t foresee at the beginning is the gratification you get from helping others.

Brandon was raised in south Louisiana. On the other hand, his wife Lynette grew up in Florida. She was raised in a household with a stay-at-home mom and a self-employed contractor. Even when they got married, Lynette did as her mother had. She stayed at home doing the books of their traditional business. She was always a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, her husband was not having a similar luxury. And she couldn’t see it then.

I saw network marketing as a vehicle that would give him the same time flexibility and freedom that I had and I wanted to be a part of helping the situation. Another thing that was on my mind was that our traditional businesses could not operate without my husband. While that’s fine if everything is going as planned, we all know unexpected occurrences happen every day. I didn’t ever want to find myself in a situation of not being able to provide for my kids with my time or finances because of circumstance. The idea of a check coming in month after month with or without you, as it does in network marketing, was very appealing to me. It seemed like a security blanket that would be there for you when you needed it. – Lynette.

In 2007, Brandon lost the passion for his traditional business. Yet he had to keep going so as to make ends meet. It was as a job to him. Then to make matters worse, there was a change in the economy. The recession of 2008/2009 worsened things for him and his family. He was 37 years old with two children. And he was wasting his best years working a job he didn’t even want to work anymore.

In 2009, I was introduced to the profession of network marketing. I didn’t know it was a profession. Just thought it was like a hobby, something you do to make a little extra money. I had to change my thoughts! I did and it changed my life. Now, I’m a full time professional network marketer and I’m proud to say so. When done right, there is no better way to earn a living. By helping enough people get what they want, we have what we want. We have reached the top of our company and the network marketing profession in a short period of time. – Brandon

While neither had much experience with network marketing, they had business experience, which taught them the value of a good opportunity —and they weren’t going to let this one pass them by. Looking back years later, both Brandon and Lynette recognize the decision to join network marketing as a turning point, and the best decision they ever made. In just two years, they had replaced their income. After four years, they had catapulted to the top ranks of the business. Now that the days of trading time for money are long gone, Brandon and Lynette are focusing that time on helping others. Their message is simple: most people either have time or money, not both. Now there’s a better way that doesn’t force you to choose between the two.

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