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Bob Crisp

Bob Crisp

A Son of a Baptist Minister

I am the oldest son of a Baptist minister. Therefore, I was expected to go into the ministry, which at an early age I did. I attended a Bible college on a half ministerial half basketball scholarship. I studied religion, music, psychology and girls. This is Bob Crisp.

I worked for spending money as a referee. I also sold Fuller Brush products door to door. However, my love for speaking continued to draw me towards a career in sales or the ministry. Moreover, I was pretty good at both it seems. Unfortunately, when some personal circumstances eliminated my future in the ministry, sales surely looked like my best bet. And I sold everything including vacuum cleaners, homecare products, brushes, cars and insurance.

It wasn’t until I saw network marketing that I realized I could return to a ministry of sorts. My first event at The Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC sent me on my way. In many ways it was just like church: there were testimonials, speakers, music, and recognition, and I loved it! My climb was nothing short of miraculous. I worked every hour I could find to rise to the top. In 4 short explosive years, I built a team of over 200,000 people with sales of over $100 million a year. Consequently, my 4th year income exceeded five million dollars.

I held huge events in stadiums, convention centers and large hotel ballrooms. There were. hundreds of meetings in small towns, large cities, and trailer parks that I organized. I found my niche, my calling and my ministry; helping people just like me find their dreams and a vehicle to realize them.

In my books I tell their stories as they entertwine with mine. As a matter of fact MY story is THEIR story too. Someone illustrated the power of teamwork to me. First, they took a pencil and easily broke it in two. Next, they put a bundle of over 100 pencils and tried to break them. Of course they would not break. That’s the beauty of togetherness and of teamwork. Like a stick by itself, a person by themselves can do little. However when added to, everyone becomes strong. My books will show you the pathway, but only you can make the journey. It is a journey worth taking.

Author: Bob Crisp

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