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Betty Sung


Betty Sung was born and raised in a small town in Taiwan. She relocated to the United States of America in 1972. She emigrated to the US so as to find and explore green pastures. She was a shy lady. Betty has often recounted of how she knew very little about her prowess, talent, and entrepreneur skills in those early years.

She lived an ordinary life doing odd jobs. When she ventured into traditional businesses, she failed terribly. She only got to succeed in a home-based business. In 1988, she joined network marketing. Just like most of us, success wasn’t immediate for her. The journey to success began when she attended her company’s convention that year.


As a deer pants for water, she burned deep down for success in network marketing. There were bad days for example when her company was facing charges imposed by the Federal Trade Commission. It had been widely spread that her company was another scam. In spite of all these setbacks, she built a business that currently makes her millions of US dollars each single year.

The once naïve lady currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She attributes her success to the numerous articles and publications on both entrepreneurship and personal development. To her, success is 1% skill and 99% determination!

I have gained so much wisdom about myself, people, values and life. Leadership means doing what is right, not what is easy, which sometimes means going against the flow.

– Betty Sung

She’s won multiple awards with her company. She got a badge for having done the business with her company for more than 25 years. Betty Sung is part of the 20-million-dollar circle with her company. She continues to be one of the top earners in her company. And she deserves it! Betty Sung contributes hugely towards charity works all over the world. Together with other network marketing top earners, they help support the feeding of malnourished children in some countries. Network marketing offers us all an opportunity to pursue the things that really matter to us with the people we care about most.

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