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Art Napolitano


Art Napolitano had a dream of having fun while making money at the same time. To do this, he chose music. He wanted to be a rock n rolling superstar that was living on the royalties from the songs recorded. Together with some of his friends, they formed a band while still in college. Art had to quit college later on so as to pursue music. He was the lead guitarist. By age 30, they had recorded some songs. However, he still didn’t have a bank account. He couldn’t even qualify for a credit card. There was a hole in the floor of his old car that he had to cover with a carpet. He still couldn’t afford a home.

He was not living the life he had hoped to live as a musician. Art Napolitano decided he wanted change. The only option he saw then that could offer a life of having fun while making money at the same time, was network marketing. He dived into it almost immediately on the realization that he needed to do something different for things to change. But he merely survived. Art says he did not find a company in those early years that had leaders of integrity.


The company has really been God-sent unto me. It has given me the time and financial freedom that other businesses would not give to me. I found that the higher I go in this organization, the more freedom I actually have. While in a traditional company the higher you go, the more pressure and responsibilities you have.

– Art Napolitano

It wasn’t until he got in contact with one of his earlier mentors in the network marketing business that things began to change. His mentor, George Zalucki, was a distinguished business college dean and psychology professor. Art Napolitano joined him in his company then. They teamed up and made history in their company. In just 8 months, they had achieved RVP status in their company. Much as they were of different backgrounds, the desire to inspire others to achieve success, as a common goal, united them. Also, they also wanted to make an impact on people that would cause a positive difference.


He currently spends time in Europe alternating locations to provide support to his downline. One of the things Napolitano loved about network marketing is that he could be paid on services people use every day. He is paid for helping other people to live better and healthier lives. Art comes from North America. He currently is among the top earners in network marketing not only in his region, but in the whole world.

From Art Napolitano’s personal testimony, you can see that network marketing is changing lives for the better. We are an industry that is adding value to anyone that wants more out of life. Are you at your worst, then this is the time for you to have a look at network marketing!

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