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Andi Duli

Andi Duli

The Immigrant Pizza Delivery Driver

I made a commitment that I would be in until I learned what I needed to learn to win. If it can happen for an immigrant who started broke, with no English, no skills and no network then it can truly happen for everyone.

Hungry and Broke

Andi Duli hails from communist Albania. They were both hungry and broke in his family. At an early age of 10, he would get in line at 5 am to get milk. By this time, his dad would have been in the same line for over 3 hours. Andi would take over the position of his dad so that he could go to work. Andi would stay in that line for another 6 or plus hours.

The motivation doesn’t come from the money and the cars, it comes from wanting to make a contribution to other people’s lives

Andi Duli recounts of how very often there would be just a few people left to get to the cashier when an announcement would be made that the milk was finished. At such moments, he was devasted because he knew his young one year old sister back at home wouldn’t have her meal. It wasn’t only milk that he made a line to buy, but also bread. Yet just like the electricity and running water, there were long hours that one had to go without this bread.

All things are possible for those who believe in their dreams and never lose the fight in them – I believe with all my heart that if success can happen for me, it can happen for anyone!”

The American Dream

Are you wondering what kind of life this could be? I too wondered the first time I learnt of Andi Duli’s past. It was the harsh regime that would even slaughter families of those that dared to speak against the system. Having heard of the American dream, he knew he had to do something. For in his place, there wasn’t the Albanian dream. Putting that aside, does your country have one? I haven’theard of Germany dream… or France dream.

With the help of his family, he got a visa and flew to the USA. He did all this in spite of the fact that he couldn’t speak any English. Andi recounts of how he was laughed at several times because of his not being like everyone else.

I figured that there had to be a set of principles that brings success and if I learn them and follow them I would get to where the successful guys are.”

College Failure

He was wise enough to know that he had to learn the language. He did so. Also, he had heard that to become free in America, he had to go to school; get a degree; put in forty hours of work each week for forty years; to make $40,000 a year. This was a fortune for him. So he tried college. The only problem was that three years later he was still a freshman.

This is what led him to drive a car delivering pizzas. School had simply not worked out. But he knew this wasn’t the kind of life he had gone for in America. So he did what most people do when things are not working out. He went back to school for more education. Unfortunately, because his G.P was low, he had to drop out once again.

He had applied for several jobs. No one gave him a chance. They wanted experience, degrees, or connections. He desperately wanted an opportunity. He bought a book titled “HOW TO INTERVIEW FOR JOBS” but that didn’t get him anywhere.

Successful Network Marketer

His story began to shift when someone caught him at the right time and gave him a DVD about a network marketing opportunity. The presentation he saw spoke life and hope to him. He knew that was it. They told him he would be great at what he would watch on that DVD.

So he started in network marketing. His first two years were a struggle. It was his commitment to be in until he learns what he needs to know in order to win, that kept him going. He also was privileged to meet mlm leaders that fanned into flame the potential in him. Andi Duli bought books and CDs with money which he didn’t have. But it paid off!

If you want to grow a business you have to grow yourself

It indeed did pay off! He was able to fly his parents over to the US. The first time included a six week vacation for them. He has retired his parents. He retired his young sister. On narrating what he had been through to his parents, his dad breathed out “Son am proud of you.”

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