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alexandra laigle

Alexandra Laigle

From US Department of Sales to Network Marketing

And though she certainly has a knack for selling clothes, Alexandra didn’t start out in fashion or retail.

“I had an amazing career working in the Department of Defense,” she says. “I have my MBA. And until my mlm company I didn’t think I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.”

But after her second child was born, she craved flexibility: “I hated the rush of the mornings.” She says she started in direct sales to have something for herself, but, when it became clear it could be a full-time job, she quit her job. Then she went on maternity leave and never went back.

Alexandra Laigle is a former employee of the US Department of Defense who has had phenomenal success with her current company. She told Business Insider in 2016 that she regularly sells around 1,000 items of clothing from the brand out of her home monthly.

Alexandra got in with the comfortable clothing brand in the early stages, which probably had a hand in her success. When she launched her store in 2015, there were just 2,000 other consultants. That number is well over 35,000 now.

Due to her success with the company, her husband, Matty, has quit his job in the financial field. She still works with the DoD, even though she regularly sells $80,000 worth monthly and earned a $21,000 bonus check from the company in July of 2016.

“I have more control over my time,” she says. “I can decide to work more that day or to drop everything and have a beach day with my friends.”

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