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Welcome to the JOIN MY TEAM page here. I am Nelson Millard. Though known by many as Millardspeaks. I am a business man that uses many means to build what I have today. I am happily committed to building with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL, one of the quickly rising companies. Here is a video to show you something that you could have been searching for. I dare you to take me for my word and check it out now!

    • low cost and different
    • Uncontested market space
    • Empowers you through tools & frameworks
    • Provides step by step process
    • Maximises opportunity while minimising risk
    • Builds execution into strategy
    • Shows you how to create a win-win outcome
  2. Great company leadership( I haven’t seen many leader that really want their partners to succeed)
  3. Once a member you are entitled to lifetime discounts on all products
  4. Unique products certified by US FDA, NAFDAC, HALAL, KOSHEr, etc
  5. Legitimate(legal) business opportunity under compliance of SEC, DSA, MLMIA, IDSEI, ANCE, etc regulations
  6. Free online marketing system provided by the company (You can build your business in more than 200 countries. The company does the delivery of products for you!)
  7. Free replicated website
  8. No membership fees i.e. one time, lifetime, international registration
  9. No demotion
  10. No Pass up – you maintain your position regardless of the could be inactivity
  11. Daily Payouts ( Company can process for you payment details so you can access your money by visa card anywhere in the world)
  12. No required monthly requirements (No compulsory buying/selling of products)
  13. Killer compensation plan (infinity binary plan benefits); great for part timer and full timer. I call it a NO STRESS COMPENSATION PLAN. You must check it out! It’s the best hybrid marketing plan I’ve seen.
  14. A company more than 80% of the people on your continent haven’t heard of. And yet it’s been established for over 10 years!
  15. Free Training website provided by the company
  16. Achievable incentives/ranks (If you don’t make it, neither do I) i.e. plus worldwide tours, luxurious cars
    Everything is Possible!

I am willing to work with you, support you, and help you achieve your goals.

As one of the top distributors in this company, I promise you that you shall have a smooth journey with the ordering of your products. Of course I won’t do the business for you, but I shall support you

Above all….will be your friend.

If any of these things interest you, don’t bother to ask your wife or dog or priest about this. Think with me….do you have to call them when you have to make a decision at work? Neither do you have now. Seal your moment now! You can reach me on my cell now HERE. You can also take a free tour putting your best details below and you click the button below

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