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Your Story Your Victory

A story is an account of past events in someone’s life or in the development of something. Victory refers to the act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game or other competition. Previously, nearly everyone in the network marketing industry has looked at storytelling as a rapport building means with a prospect. On other occasions, we’ve told our stories so as to encourage the prospect to reveal to us his/her own story; thereby giving us his/her unfulfilled needs. Today’s blog is on another advantage of sharing our stories. I believe having the mindset of this other aspect of storytelling helps build huger numbers faster for network marketers.


Firstly, where else do we hear stories? Religious assemblies? Charity/humanitarian organisations? Hospitals? Cherished elderly family members? All these stories show us that a previously impossible act is now feasible. This sets alight our spirits. We are inspired. Our story becomes the message of hope in the darkness. If a maid can make it in network marketing, then anyone that’s hungry enough will make it too. Your story, which is your victory, has the potential to spark someone else’s journey towards victory.


Furthermore, your story is proof that you can not only go through that situation and succeed again, but that you can help someone traveling the same road. This is the purpose of this blog post. Your story is a torch onto your unique capabilities. Whoever thought less of you among your audience will surely change his/her mind. If a casual lady speaks to you about your health, you can as well ignore what she has said. However, if it’s a doctor, you better listen. What you say about you will cause people to either listen to you or to throw out of the window your efforts. If you were told your story by someone else, would you bend closer to hear more and take action?


The most powerful feature about telling a great story is that it will travel to places you haven’t yet been to. Great stories are contagious. We want to tell them. Interestingly, each time we listen to an inspiring story, we want to meet, and perhaps work with its hero. Must your story be lengthy to have such an impact? No! It simply needs keywords that speak to the hearts of your audience. If you have made it to this day, you’ve beaten many odds already. You have a great story that will burn for years in the hearts of millions.

We need not fabricate up stories. If we could make it to this day, we are a hero in a certain story. It’s that story we must find. Keywords in a story can be father/mother, a title/rank, an accomplishment, a profession, etc. Time wasters will not come near you after knowing in your story that you don’t entertain their type. Your story can be one of your tremendous business building tools. Rethink it. Make it better. Lead with your story.

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