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words that made the sale

Words That Make Sales

We all know those few in our organisations to whom making sign ups is as eating chocolate. When they speak, we think they are simply over confident. Yet they never fail to attain their desired end. They always have positive results. They make the sale. Is it their actions that triggers it? Or is it a magical spell cast on their prospects? Is it because they already have success in the company? What is it that the big dogs do to cut through all the product stories and how-to’s to the sale? From my research, I found out it’s not about them. It’s the words that made sales. It’s something about their language. The first thing my ex girl friend said of our top earner is that he wasn’t endowed in any way physically. Not even his facial looks were at least fair. But she liked his words. She joined me that day.

Show me a man that is lazy in language, and I will show you a man that is not getting sign ups in his business. A great teacher not only trains others on how both business and life work, but also inspires them. Inspiration involves getting others to see. Many a time, we get men first to see a mistake they may be in. We get a friend to realize that much as they desire a third child in their family, they haven’t attained financial security. We get that distant cousin to realize he has an illness called recurring debt. Next, inspiration seeks to correct these mistakes. Then it paints a better picture for their lives.

The Miracle of Sight

Men are inspired through several ways. The most used way in the 21st Century is language/communication. Human beings can see even with their eyes closed. Sight is the experience of seeing with open eyes. Insight is the experience of seeing with the mind. No wonder the blind can be part of your organization! We help all categories of people see opportunity with their minds. This opportunity is unlimited today; yet many are still in shackles of unemployment. This is the reason why some people remember you in their lives for having opened their eyes. Before they met you, they couldn’t see. One’s language can create the miracle of sight. The big dogs have mastered this art. They sell most because they help people see themselves better than they currently are.

Inevitably, communication skills are not optional to anyone that wants to make it big in sales. Moreover, it also paves way for one to make recruitments in an organization. Are you unlimited in your language? You qualify for unlimited wealth. With mastery of this skill, we sell without buying. In other words, we earn so highly where we invested the least dollars. Can you also sell anticipated results? Your language is directly proportional to the sales in your organization.

The Science Behind

Matter responds to energy. Your words convey sound energy to the particles of the bodies of your audience. Do you remember how noisy and busy your first presentation room was? Even the music played that day must have really inspired you. Something was being communicated to your mind. Endeavour to always speak as a dreamer. Speak as one that inspires; not as one seeking to desperately make a sale. You may have to do this all over several times till you get it. Stars got there because they did it one more time. Even when confronted by a prospect with a billion excuses, your words shall ignite something in them. We shall call you a man with words that made the sale.

Lastly, testimonials are highly recommended for all organisations because they fill gaps of the poor communicators. It’s not the testimonials themselves that make the sale, but the words in those testimonials. The words penetrate the hearts of your listeners. Besides, it’s the hearts we are interested in, not the minds. You don’t want a partner that does only logical things.

Giving your group members opportunity to testify closes the possible gaps that were in your language. Perhaps you are still working at your communication skills. Simply lean on your team. It will push you to the top. Some in your team have the words that made the sale. I challenge you to put these truths to work in your game plan. In 6 months, you shall be a top leader wherever you are. I believe we can create opportunities for ourselves in life. We then excel in our own opportunities. We are as the student that knew the whole exam before they sat for it. It’s not cheating. It’s called preparation. See you at the top!

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Wes Linden
Wes Linden