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Why No More News?

For Network Marketers

Good news is no news.

To succeed in network marketing, one must maintain enthusiasm in spite of the inevitable set backs of life. Unlike those in the corporate world who work with computers that don’t care if they are depressed or not, we work with prospects who care. We must be always enthusiastic and positively charged. We cannot convince others to join us unless we look to be happy with what we are doing. All distributors should prospect when positive. So, what can help us achieve that state? Can the news on TV, radio, newspapers, etc. help us attain the positive state we need?

If good news is no news, then we know that it is the bad news that sells. Garbage in Garbage Out also applies to people. Why shouldn’t we as mlmers be those that shall give good news to the world? The Christian philosophy, for example, stresses the renewing of their minds so as to truly live their new life. We agree in mlm. They must guard their hearts i.e. minds. But from what? Here are some of the parallels that Christianity has with network marketing. Understanding these will help anyone why mlmers should put away news for as long as they can. They should guard their minds to keep their enthusiasm.

  • It is very unlikely that one will learn of it except someone invites him/her to look at it.
  • It’s something which initially sounds too good to be true.
  • One is given support for its validity but mostly through personal stories and hence his/her belief is based on faith.
  • One can measure his/her belief by the amount of good that goes on around him/her.
  • Those who join are told that they must first believe before they can experience the incredible benefits.
  • They are given a manual to guide them.
  • One may not understand it at first. He/she is asked to be coachable and flow those who’ve already experienced what lies ahead of him/her.
  • Along the way, one will encounter difficulties and will need to ask for assistance. When down, one can get help from above.
  • That assistance will be given in a way that makes one stronger and self-sufficient.
  • It may not be perfect along the way, but if you keep on, you will get to where you are going.
  • You’re asked to delay gratification by putting aside your own needs for a time being so you can help others first.
  • Providing his help will require dedication, persistence, and hard work.
  • Don’t fear people but instead offer a hand to them even though many will say that they don’t need your help.
  • By surrounding yourself with other people who carry the same beliefs and sentiments, you are protected from the negatives that might hurt you.
  • You have to come together often to renew your vision.
  • As a result, you will learn more about yourself, about others, and about life.
  • In the end, you will have directly/indirectly helped thousands of people to live better lives and move to a better place.

If the media, to keep in business, circulates mainly murder cases, sex scandals, diseases, etc. then as mlmers we must guard our minds too. Nothing in this world leads to as much depression as the news. Important to note is that depression kicks in only when men dwell on what they saw on the news. And this will happen most of the time. The sadness they watch becomes part of them. Because of the lust of the eyes, the fascinating bad news will always sell. But we don’t have to buy what everyone buys. We are successful because we’ve chosen to do what the few that are successful do.

In conclusion, it is much better to watch the winners in our profession. Have you met someone so excited about life? They probably aren’t watching news! Advise any depressed downlines to watch your life instead! And go big. Go wide fast in building your organization.

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