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Why Events?

An event is a planned or organized occasion. For quite a long time, I couldn’t figure out why leaders in the network marketing profession emphasize attendance of events for those who want to have winning teams. Most of the best-selling authors in our niche have dedicated whole chapters just on the power of events. Though I just felt none of them was explaining why events. I just wasn’t getting how those events would really help me. In network marketing, we have events for particular companies, or for simply anyone in network marketing. In the latter, prospecting other attendees is usually forbidden.

If you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.

Albert Einstein

In this blog post, I am to show you why events are very crucial to your success in network marketing. The explanations that are to follow below can be understood by a six-year old. And so will you understand them. Firstly, if you are passionate about any cause, there are moments that fueled the commitment you have to that cause. If you are a Christian believer, I guess you have memories of the old days in special meetings. You were on fire. You may have called them camps, seminars, overnights, etc. Those were events. Are you beginning to understand why events?

Is it a business that you are committed to? Or just another cause? Let’s say reaching out to the poor through non-profit organizations. There is no way you can convince me that you haven’t attended meetings related to that cause. It could have been online. I can confidently state that everything we are passionate about has roots to some sort of get-together we’ve been part of in the past. That get-together is an event. Guess what people do when they want a refueling: – attend an event related to what they want to be rejuvenated to. If your partner goes to an event without you, you can be certain that there will be significant changes in your relationship when he/she returns.


Events are the biggest recruiting things into almost anything. Companies, charities, clubs, etc. have events so often. Why so? Because it is at these events that the vision is transferred to others. Are you fed up of working with people who don’t get it? Maybe you ignored sending them to events. Duplication in network marketing hugely happens at events. These events create brand awareness. They are the place for display of the unique culture of any brand. It is where the brand and those who spearhead it breed credibility of it among the attendees. The affinity for the product sold is created at these events. The product could be financial freedom, time freedom, a better health, among others.

Furthermore, at events is establishment and growing of relationships. Those who are just getting started in the company have opportunity in such meetings to rub shoulders with those who created the company culture. In other words, by the end of the event, those who are just getting started have a great desire to be the next on the stage. In capturing these hearts of whoever has attended the event, the leaders are able to expand their network. Even when one doesn’t buy the ideas passed on, they are retained as a lead.


All in all, events always attain their goal i.e. expansion. No one out there may tell you these things, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not what’s actually on ground. You can now too take advantage of what events can do for you. Every little thing at events is sales. So why events? It is to pass on our beliefs, culture and vision. Maybe you’ve been like I was. You didn’t really understand why your team should be part of network marketing related events. Now you know better. It’s the place where they will get what you have been trying to tell them all this time. That’s the duplication you’ve been working towards all this time! From such events will your team begin to feel the way you feel. Yay! Have you liked this post? Sharing is caring. Let someone else out there know that what they have been ignoring is their answer. Yes to EVENTS!

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