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What to Do when Fed Up

This website focusses on helping network marketers attain significant success in their companies. Thus, we can rephrase the title of this blog to “what to do when fed up of no results in your network marketing business.” For those of you that are earning something without really soaring to the figures you really desire, this is for you. In fact, it is for everyone that is fed up of anything in life. This is for the person that wants change. Perhaps you no longer sleep well because you badly want things to change. I won’t waste your time. Here’s what to do: – YOU. It’s time to do you!


It’s unheard of that a great leader is whining over the unproductivity of his/her team. Rather, these leaders often are at the front spearheading the way to success. In network marketing, it is very common to hear one wishing they had joined a certain group. People will restlessly hop from one company to another. It’s a common habit among the unsuccessful to find fault in either their upline or downline; insisting that they haven’t done enough to make them rich. The only thing they become good at is placing the blame elsewhere. Unfortunately, in this world, no one is responsible for your success. Not even the parents who brought you in this world. You must do you!

When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.

H Jackson Brown Jr

You alone are accountable for your life. If your team in your company were responsible, then why is it that the bonus checks you receive have only your name on them? You are what to do when fed up. Only when you accept responsibility for your life can you change it. You can always do something about your life. And if it isn’t yet clear to you yet, you can’t ever control anyone. Especially in such a business model where people join on voluntary basis! You are the only person you can really control! And you are the only person you really have control over!


You can decide that you want to sponsor 30 people in your company this month, but you can’t control that. Each of your prospects will make their own decision. You can make a decision to build one of your downlines in a new territory. But that is out of your control. Do you want to achieve a certain rank within a set period of time? Well, that too is beyond your control. When you are fed up, don’t focus anymore on the things beyond your control. Only by focusing on those you can control will you be able to influence those which you can’t control.


You are your most important factor in entrepreneurship. By focusing on the things you can change, you will ultimately steer your life in the direction you want to go. For example, I can talk to more people about my business. Consequently, I increase the would-be sign ups in my network marketing business. Has my enthusiasm been affected by the many no’s coming from those I show the business too? I can do more affirmations. I can read more books on personal development. Are the objections increasing from my prospects? I can find teachings to learn how to respond professionally to objections. Do I have to do something about my business? Then I shall. Whatever I will, I can do. Being fed up of a certain way of doing things is a good thing. However, this good thing will only profit you when you decide that you are to do what you can about it. Good luck!

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