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Warm Lists in Direct Sales

Fly On Eagles Wings With Your Warm List

If you’ve been in mlm for some time, you know how popular warm lists are in our industry. Everyone speaks of them. Even me. A warm list is simply a door to the whole world. You want your downlines to be from all over the world? Then you shall need a warm list.

The magic is not necessarily in getting those on your list to join you but just in the warm list itself. Don’t ask me much. I also just applied it and it’s got me to a place of writing to you today. You can also soar on high in network marketing with a warm list.

What are your beliefs on the mlm industry at large?

What are your convictions on your company, its compensation plan, products/services?

Are you excited about the opportunity you are part of?

How’s your self-esteem?

Do you believe you are the leader that the world needs?

Do you have the joy many are desperately searching for?

Are you ready to use your current credibility as an executive in building your mlm business?

Will you choose not to keep quiet with this opportunity?

If you’ve failed in the past, are you willing to stand up once again?

And now that you know the potential in every human, will you choose not to qualify anyone for this business opportunity? For we know that the people least expected to make it always turn out the as the stars.

And if you’re in a position that doesn’t allow you to share the opportunity in certain places, are you willing to be smart enough to know when and how?

Are you giving me a YES? Then you are already a successful network marketer. Congratulations!

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Darnell Self
Darnell Self