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This Sounds Like A Pyramid Scheme

This pyramid scheme objection literally shakes all those to whom it is thrown. Even those who’ve been in our industry for long and with significant success will have to carefully respond to this. This could be because of:

  • Lack of confidence in oneself and/or product and/or opportunity
  • Giving too much information that is necessary
  • A person does not know about mlm and is innocently seeking to really know about it.

You don’t have to go on the defensive. You can for example calmly inform him/her that pyramid schemes get shut and are illegal.

Then you add, “This is no pyramid. I would never get you into something to be soon shut down. Now would you be open to learn more about what I have to share with you?”

Important to note when it comes to all objections is that you mustn’t push too much. At times, your prospect isn’t at the right time to be part of the opportunity you are offering. You simply have to give it some time in such cases.

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