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The Worst Meetings In MLM

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If you’ve been in the corporate world before, there were days you returned home with a big cheque for having attended meeting after meeting. You were paid for strategy meetings. In mlm, no one gets paid for moving from meeting to meeting. We are paid for the sales or recruits in our organization. Many quit in our industry having spent months in discussions instead of prospecting and recruiting. There are just so many meetings people in mlm may yield to. Here are some of the worst meetings in mlm:

Office Meetings

On attaining success in mlm, many will tend to see the very things that they earlier sought escape from. They will get just what they detested in the corporate world. One of these are the small cubicles known as offices. We feel that we are so important that we need a desk, secretary, and a rented office. None of these can easily be duplicated by your team. It will only scare away your prospects from ever joining you. If to be successful means to be trapped behind a desk all year, then do you have the personal freedom you speak of? In mlm, we keep it at home.

Hotel Meetings

Have you been told before that all you have to do is carry your prospects to hotel meetings? These are the least effective recruiting place. Perhaps they are effective in selling non mlm related products made by those leaders who organize these meetings. Hotel meetings are expensive. They create dependency and promote laziness; are not private; nor do they signify freedom; and create an illusion of saturation. Hotel meetings will surely blind prospects from seeing what you are talking about. If they join you, they will not really be joining mlm. Therefore, you will have to do a lot of dragging to get them to see mlm the right way. Hopefully you will have the time to do so before they scare to quit being friends with you out of frustration of seeing no tangible promised results.

Restaurant Meetings

Some mlmers want to talk about the business over lunch at a restaurant. The essence of business opportunity meeting is lost when your prospects cannot keep focused on what you are showing them. When there are lots of distractions, you will need to explain the business to them another time. Once again, we can only hope that such an opportunity shows up again. Mlm presentations must be conducted in places where you have full control of the place of the presentation. In addition, that place must have the necessary tools for a presentation to be made.

Prospect’s Place

Similar to the bar/restaurant meetings is the prospect’s place meeting. They are similar because both are conducted in a place where the presenter has very little control of the environment that they are in. The phone may ring, child begin to cry, etc. We shouldn’t do meetings in places where we could easily be distracted. The best place for our recruiting and training meetings is our own homes.

The Church Service Meetings

This term is used in our industry to refer to a situation where everyone has to go to one place where everything is done for them. Prospects are taken to upline’s home. When the people become too many to fit in the church, they must go elsewhere. If the church doors close, the business too may close. Network marketers should carry out each his/her meeting. Related to the church services is the adult day care meetings. These are when recruits want to spend countless hours in homes of uplines doing nothing except eating and talking.

Diner Meetings

These are also known as deception meetings. This is where prospects are invited to a diner without being informed that mlm will be discussed there. The host hides his plan from the guests. This is trickery which will lead to resentment among friends. The guests will always realize that they were set up. If you think you are to shy to invite people to a business meeting, then be as well ready for them not to join a shy leader.

In mlm, we have to become big to make the big money. As a person in this home-based industry, let all your systems have a home emphasis. That is where the freedom is. It is what can easily be duplicated by anyone who genuinely wants to succeed.

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