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The Social Aspect


The social aspect being discussed here relates to the relationship part of the consumer-to-consumer business model. There has been tremendous success with businesses applying this C2C model. This has seen not only the rise of network marketing companies today, but also other businesses such as Airbnb, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. The C2C is a business model that facilitates commerce between private individuals. The model helps customers benefit from the distribution of products, and also easily find products that may otherwise be difficult to locate.

Network marketing is based on simple mouth-to-mouth recommendation of products and services. Distribution moves directly from the producer to the consumer. The consumer in turn moves the product to other consumers. Therefore, if you are in network marketing, you are operating in the C2C business model. You can as well learn more about it on the internet. For the purposes of this post, I shall only discuss the social aspect that is part of this business model.


Many a time, distributors forget the NET part in network marketing. A net is simply a group that is for the purpose of attaining a common goal. In fishing, the net is comprised of different wires so as to collect fish in huge amounts. Network marketing companies are a network of people with similar goals for example the sale of a certain product. C2C business models are at times referred to as relationship marketing opportunities. They involve building a net of people. Without the social aspect, they cannot survive. As a network marketer, how do you currently rate your relationship skills? How do you use social media platforms? Do you socialize with others there? Or you present your business opportunity to them on your Facebook wall?


Let’s talk events too. Attending events in network marketing is working on the social aspect involved in your business. It’s absolutely impossible for one to make it in this C2C without occasionally interacting with other network marketers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a network marketing event or simply a get-together with a few friends and family. If you are in network marketing, you have to be there. Being a loner in network marketing is a sure way to fail. It’s going alone at a team sport. Often, the spark most people experienced in network marketing was at an event they attended. No man is an island. You must be social if you want to be among the top earners in network marketing.


I’ve just cited some of the reasons why being social will give you the kind of results you desire on your journey in network marketing. You must respect social media rules. It’s wise to interact in a way that will make others curious about your lifestyle. Giving loads of information about your company on your Facebook wall will only alienate you. Let people see you in your profile picture; not some product telling them that unless they use it, they won’t make it past 50. Making others curious about your lifestyle will cause them to write to you privately. From there, you can make a rendezvous to show them more about what has caused the change in your lifestyle.

In conclusion, keep the business simple. Always be social. Use social platforms to get others’ contact details. If you’ve been in the industry for some time, you know how important the atmosphere in which you show your business is. It all plays part in getting your prospect to see the opportunity. Making presentations in the wrong places will cost you millions of dollars. Let fun places remain for fun. Do the business presentations in the right places with the right tools. Good luck!

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