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The Potential For Greatness

Potential refers to the capability of development into actuality. It means implicit; possible; possibility; prospect, etc. It applies to a power or quality that has not yet come forth but may emerge and develop. Greatness is the quality or state of being great, as in size, skill, achievement, or power. I’ve been inspired to write on this because if you can fully grasp this, success will chase you all your life. We all were born with the potential for greatness. Except one has it, they cannot live on this earth! The thoughts we are to explore through this post concern why in spite of the fact that we all have it, majority of the people are not able to exhibit it.


Network Marketing companies often ignite this potential in us. Those who show us opportunity plans always seem to be telling us we can do it. Indeed, we do believe them for that moment. It’s known that most people quit in network marketing before they begin. This is so because after they have believed that they can as they are shown the opportunity, they immediately run to the wolves to share how the feel. Mercilessly, these wolves strip this “I can” attitude off these people. Even when they have been discouraged, some of these people go on to get started to attain that greatness. Others join but don’t go on to attain that greatness.


They don’t know what they have. Once we don’t understand what we have before us, we are bound to trample on it. We’ll cast out diamonds for common stones. You were born with the potential for greatness. You are reading this with eyes you were freely given. You are applying your mind. You were a whole complete package right from the start. The seed of greatness has always been in you. You must know for yourself that you got this. You can. You will! Network Marketing opportunities are opportunities with the potential to bring forth this greatness. From today onwards, know that you were born with it in you.


Resist unbelief. Winners are an indicator that anything is possible if we put our heart and mind in the task. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The unbelief here is two-fold i.e. in yourself and in the vehicle. The potential many have is frustrated by unbelief either in themselves, or in the vehicle they are using to attain these dreams. You must know that your company will take you there. For this to work out, don’t miss a single update or event of your company. As for yourself, never take a break from personal development. Do it and do it until you do it.


However, one may believe in themselves, and in the company they work with, but will still not explore their potential to the maximum. Fear of failure tends to creep in. This is a result of past failures. The reason we often fear failure is because it was accompanied with pain in our past. It’s this pain we are actually running away from. Every time sluggishness comes in, we are simply finding escape from the pain associated with the pain. Well, what if pain was neither bad or good? What if it is something that we can choose to be good or bad? What if it’s up to us to choose if it’s good or bad? Embrace the pain of discipline today. Do it anyway!


Therefore, to really exhibit this potential, we’ve got to do something. Nothing grows if it’s not worked on. Except we exercise, we can’t grow our potential. Hugely, the reason why most people don’t show this potential is that they don’t use it at all. We talked of potential as capability of development into actuality. Only those who make bold steps with what they have today will explore it. Get into the habit of doing because life is a journey.

There is a common expression that this world is not our home. In other words, in whatever we do, we shouldn’t think of today or here alone. The potential we have from our birth is for us to be able to get through this journey towards our destination. Continuously, we should be thinking of movement. Accomplishments towards that destination should dominate our thoughts. The potential you were born with is for you to reach your life goals. It must be applied. You must do something everyday with it. As a network marketer, do something each day with the opportunity you are blessed with. To exhibit it, you must use it.

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