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The Pareto Principle

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Before you continue moving on to read the rest of this post, can you sincerely say that you did make the download I talked of above. Honestly, if you said yes to any of the options I posted before the download link, did you download that file? Can you believe that of the thousands of people reading this post, a whooping 80% of them skipped making that download yet they need it? Can you believe it?


Why does 20% of society enjoy 80% of the success? And millions are in struggle, barely making it to the next day?

This is the best way that I could use to introduce you to the 80/20 rule. I hope that download changes your life in the next 18 months. However, if it doesn’t, this post should impact your life. I’ve written this so that the giant in you is awakened. I want more leaders to come out of reading my content.

80/20 rule

The Pareto principle, also known as 80/20 rule; the rule of the vital few; or the principle of factor sparsity can change your business. It states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. It was named after an Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. He had shown that 80% of the land/wealth in Italy was owned by 20% of the population.

Not to get off topic, but to simply give you a wider picture, here are some more examples of this principle. We find that 20% of the input usually creates 80% of the results. 20% of the workers produce 80% of the result. Only 20% of the features cause 80% of the usage. And so on. 20% of the people reading this post will take this seriously and implement the things they learn today.

After doing self-examination in my years of struggle in the network marketing business, I came to the realization that I simply was in the 80%. I had a work ethic like that of the majority. Also, I thought like that 80%. I was doing a lot of motivation quotes yet not moving in my life. I was so busy; yet accomplishing nothing. What does it take for you to move your best to the next level? What is required for you to be the person you set out to be at the beginning of this year.

Bring the best out of you!

How can you be the best parent you could ever be to your kids? What does it take for you to be the husband you want to be; or the wife you want to be? Do you want to give to charity organisations? Have you passion in your heart for things men don’t seem to get?

That’s why I wrote this. To shift from what the masses are going through, you should do what the 20% of the population is doing. Successful people do daily the things that unsuccessful people do occasionally. There are some things that you have to decide to take on a daily basis. The difference between the 20% and 80% is that much as they all do what it takes to be successful, the 20% does it more often. Everyone will do what it takes to be successful. Some people once in two years. Others once every month. Yet you can personally decide to do it every day.

Stepping out of the ordinary starts with a decision. Here’s you chance to leave the 80% group and elevate yourself into the top 20%. If you didn’t make the download of my secret to residual income, begin with downloading it.

Unlike most of my posts, this is motivational. It is about your growth as a personal. Don’t let your time surfing go to waste. Come to the 20% group where I dwell.

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