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The Entrepreneur

The idea is to see what’s missing. That’s what the entrepreneur does. At times you need to see something that everybody needs to have.


The entrepreneur is the person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of making profit. I decided to make this post because I know that 96% of the people who will read this are entrepreneurs. My work is not for idle minds. It’s for those with dreams. I write for those like you that have decided to take upon your shoulders the responsibility to make the earth a better place to live. Where do the answers to life’s problems lay? In the spirits of entrepreneurs, I believe.

I have a friend that works on the recycling of plastics. This young lady is often spotted in pictures with plastic pottles collected from town drainage systems in the background. She can pose for a photo while at her at a dumping site. She has a friend that currently manufactures soap that repels mosquitoes. This product will reduce, in the long run, deaths due to malaria in tropical regions all over the world. For the purposes of privacy, you can only know about these projects by connecting with us here (


It probably comes early in an entrepreneur’s life where you realize you are willing to do things in the business world that other people aren’t willing to do. Everybody has got ideas, and everybody has got ambitions, but most people aren’t willing to cross that line. I think an entrepreneur that’s successful… that’s your nature. Wherever there’s change, wherever there’s uncertainty, there’s opportunity.


To me, the best description for the two ladies I talked of earlier is that they are entrepreneurs. They are simply people that saw that things were changing, and said that they could create a business out of the changes. Have they faced fear as you and I have? Definitely yes! The difference between people who succeed and those who fail, I think in most cases is not fear. Everyone experiences fear. The difference is in what one does with his/her fear. Do we work to overcome it? Or do we let it defeat it? I don’t care where you’ve been, or what you do and have done. If you still give excuses, you need help.

The entrepreneur doesn’t think in terms of money. He/she thinks in terms of winning. Now if you win, money naturally flows in business. But that shouldn’t be your objective. Your objective should be to win. To win not sometimes… but all the time.


As entrepreneurs, we are adored by our onlookers. They come to us with all sorts of pleasantries. We are rewarded all over in the public places. Great is the reward. However, great is the price to pay too. The entrepreneur knows that there’s no reward without risk. You could be an entrepreneur using network marketing as a means to your goals. It’s good that you know that you are an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship without excellence is a shame. Decide to take your business to the moon!

Entrepreneurship is a place for survival for the fittest. Decide that you shall survive all kinds of seasons in spite of the blows that may be thrown at you. Make up your mind that you shall walk on that stage to receive the best awards in your company. Determine that you shall persist until you succeed. Build your business… build a better life for yourself, and others out there.

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