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Should Everyone Quit Their Job?


If you’ve been in the network marketing circle for some time, you know the way some of the top earners we have talk about jobs. Most of what is said about jobs is negative. However, I would like us to reflect on if it’s a proper way to speak of the way others make a living. According to Wikipedia, a job is a person’s role in society. It is a regularly performed activity in exchange for a living. A job is a subset f one’s career. The two differ in that one retires from the career, verses resignation or termination from a job.

Jobs i.e. either full-time or part-time, can be categorized as temporary, odd jobs, seasonal, self-employment, consulting or contract employment. They can also be categorized as paid or unpaid. Examples of unpaid jobs include mentor, student, volunteer, etc. From our definition of a job, children’s role in society (and therefore their job) is to learn and study. Some jobs may require specific training or an academic degree. If you are seeing like I am, I hope you realize that a job isn’t what most people think it is.


Vacations prove that a life of pleasure is overrated

Mason Cooley

The problem isn’t the job. Rather it is us. We’ve been brought up with a negative mentality towards work. No wonder majority of people procrastinate their lives away. Instead of dealing with ourselves, we find an escape goat i.e. a job. These jobs are opportunities for us to work. Work is creation. Work is purpose. It is contribution. Work is passion. We may not like being told what to do or how to live our lives as it is in most work places. Fed up of being driven by external forces on when to take lunch; take a break; talk loudly; or even go on a vacation. Whatever the reason, jobs are still not the problem.

It may not be the job you desire. However, that doesn’t make it a bad one. Millions of families today survive because of these jobs. As network marketers, all the content we access from our companies is because someone is doing their job. Someone is playing their role in society. Because of jobs, we are living beautiful lives today.


Our profession – network marketing – is too good for us to put down other professions so as to lift ours. If your religion requires that you hate someone, you need a new religion. One of the leaders I’ve grown to love most in our industry is Eric Worre. He admits that it is very okay for one to be a doctor or an engineer, or whatever other profession, and a network marketing professional at the same time. We don’t have to discredit others’ so as to elevate ours. Unless we change what we portray about jobs, we won’t be able to reach certain audiences. How can one listen to another that despises their way of putting food on the table for his/her family? Jobs are important in our lives. People don’t have to quit them unless they choose to. Network Marketing is only a better way.

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