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Why Saving The Whole World Kills Your Mlm Business

Saving The Whole World Kills MLM

Why trying to Save Everyone Will Kill Your Business.

I guess all network marketers have at some point felt they could do it all just for the person they love most. At times, we just don’t want those we care for most to go through the rigorous activities that we went through to get to the peak of the mountain. For example, after recruiting after recruiting for a couple of months, many mlmers will want to spend the rest of their time dragging those in their teams to the finish line. They take on the manager position. Yet we hated this aspect in the corporate world. Instead of following a team-building philosophy, we take on a supervisory one. We want to play caretaker. We want to save the entire world. Instead of teaching, supporting, and encouraging others to do for themselves what they need for success, we attempt to do it all for them. Most mlmers will fail at these attempts.

Unnecessary Expenses/Products

I wanted to save my family and close friends. I did buy-in for them. To buy-in for your downlines is to buy the starter packages for them. And since network marketing is about duplication, one of my downlines started to also buy her way to advance ranks. Just as I had done, she bought the unnecessary products. We both wanted a fast start so bad. We were ready to do whatever it would take to buy our way to the top of our company. Buying in for others does not lead o long-term success. It is actually illegal; with illegal consequences. Instead of dragging uninterested persons to what you know is great for them, wait for the right timing in their lives. Trying to save them only kills them. All those I bought packages for almost quit the very day that I recruited them. All new distributors must begin with a commitment to use as much product as possible, share it with others, and teach everyone in their team to do so.

Time Consuming

Another way mlmers tend to save the entire world is in attempts to manage individuals and their entire downlines. What’s terrible about this is that everyone that comes may appear to need saving. This creates dependency in lieu of self-sufficiency in your organization. One of the reasons it’s impossible to manage others’ downlines is it takes a lot of time. If one promises to build an mlm organization for another, they’ve just made a clear empty promise. Where is the leverage in this case if one person alone is the leader of thousands of independent distributors? The attempt to do it all for everyone will inevitably lead to a leader neglecting many in his/her organization. New recruits must be cautioned against sponsoring people especially family, relatives, and close friends, and attempting to build for them.

Kills Duplication Process

We’ve already discussed how network marketing is a duplication business. If one is a savior of the entire world, so will be his/her team. What would you rather have? Every one overseeing their downline’s activities? Or every one prospecting, recruiting, and training frontline recruits? New blood is the lifeline of any organization. The key to success in mlm is not to find 2 or 3 people and manage those till they succeed in finding others. Rather it is to never stop recruiting till you are earning well enough to live well off. Your team will duplicate this philosophy if they see it in you. In mlm, we lead by example.

In a nutshell, saving the entire world causes not only self-destruction, but also the destruction of the opportunity for those who are being saved. Large organisations can not be built on the foundation of saving the entire world. Doing for others what’s meant for them to do stripes their leadership abilities. The world is crippled in so doing. The best way to break the cycle of poverty among your friends and family is to train them and let them be leaders of their own groups. However, much love one has for anyone, he/she cannot grow up for them. Attempting this creates weak people out of those with potential. Decide today to say NO to the temptation to do for others what they should be doing for themselves.

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