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Rejection In Network Marketing

Will You Give Up On Your Dreams Because You've been rejected?

So what if your best friend aggressively demands that the pyramid talk never comes up again?

What if your spouse calls you nuts claiming that you’ve lost focus?

What if your parents disown you for “disgracing” them? They just can’t take it in when they see a 37-year old lawyer selling vitamins.

What if none of the people you’ve spoken to about your business have joined you yet?

What if some prospects underlook you because of your gender, race, color, education, etc?

Will you give up on your dreams?

Will you give up on your dream of providing your family with the quality life you’ve always wanted for them?

Will you give up the things that really matter to you?

A thousand times NO. In mlm, we expect rejection. In fact, the quicker we accept it, the faster we work our numbers to get the right people.

Does a waitress have to be sad over every single no to an item on the menu? Neither shall we! We shall remain relentless in the pursuit of the life we’ve lived a zillion times in our minds.

When things toughen up, you too should toughen up.

When things get aggressive, you too should get aggressive.

The harder the knocks in life, the harder you should go.

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