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reasons why your prospects did not sign up

Reasons Why Your Prospects Did Not Sign Up

Over the years, I’ve looked into the reasons as to why we would come back home in the evening with no sale made that day. I love to always win. There are basically two reasons as to why your prospects did not sign up i.e. you or them. If you were much better, they would not matter when it comes to the decision to sign up. You would have already made it for them. They would simply follow as the sheep do.

Firstly, perhaps you missed something in the prospecting checklist. You could have invited them to look at your business without understanding their needs and wants. Thus, your presentation was not relevant to them. They were skeptical since they could not trust you. Nothing you said mattered. You had no idea where it hurt most in their lives. And when it came to the point of them having to take action, you didn’t include urgency. You left it up to them to join when they are ready. Most of the objections during the prospecting process can be avoided. You can pitch so well without your prospecting focusing on how much whatever you have would cost them. When you prospect as a pro, they will be glad to give you their money.

Secondly, you failed to failed to answer their questions. You could not handle the objections they had. You were not fully knowledgeable about your company, product/service, and the network marketing industry. At times, your communication skills were lacking. I recommend hat you always fully understand whatever question is posed by your prospect. We tend to be quick to gush out more company details instead with soothing the place where it hurts. For instance, if you realize that his/her objections are related to fear of being a salesman, tackle that only. Do not assume they wanted to know something else. Deal with precision in your presentations. Don’t divert the attention of your prospect to something else in the middle of the presentation.

Furthermore, your appearance could be the turn off for your prospect. When you go for a business meeting, dress not as one going for a Friday evening dance. If your prospect signs up because of your appearance, you will have to keep up with that appearance for them to stay with you in your team. Use the right perfume. Keep a fresh breath. Saying the right thing to your prospect at the right time can earn you a lot of money. However, how can you communicate yet they are running away from you? You are driving them away.

There is also the issue of multi-tasking. How many times have we found ourselves trying to do it all; only to find that we lost it all? When you notice that the focus of your prospect is on a certain object, focus on it too. It’s all about the prospect. Always choose places with lesser distractions. The less the disconnects, the better for you. Also, your prospects will be focused on the business if you are focused on to it. Train efficiently so that you naturally sell your idea to your prospect.

In summary, you can know all the possible excuses and prepare to counteract them. Continuous interaction with those on your prospect list will help you become a pro. Training events (including network marketing events) are vital for your team. They provide a platform for you to interact with other network marketers that could have faced bigger challenges than yours. Decide to master the network marketing profession!

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