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Reasons Why You Should Do Your Own Meetings

Reasons Why You Should Do Your Own Meetings

For Your Network Marketing Business

I often laugh out loud at network marketers. They have eyes but don’t seem to see. They have ears but don’t seem to hear. Leaders must stand out. Leaders must believe in themselves and in the system they use. They will guard their teams with jealousy. They train their own. This principle cuts across all thriving organisations in the world today. The one thing that you were not doing is to train your own team. Success in our industry is tied to our ability to prospect, recruit, train, and teaching others to do the same. You should do you own meetings!

Duplication is what success looks like in mlm. It’s the first reason you should train your own. It is so they will train their frontline recruits too. If we leave them as orphans, they will leave their recruits as orphans too. Decide to train them because you want that knowledge and culture to be kept in your organization. To succeed in mlm, we must share our knowledge with prospects.

Secondly, we should do our training so as to maintain a system that has been proven to work. Without a structure, many will drop off in any venture. There’s a big temptation to send long distance recruits to meetings in their local areas. However, unless the one holding the meeting follows your system, your prospects will get confused and lose focus. Training them personally is the best way you can support them. It is as personally overlooking the materials that are given to your children in day-care centers. If you simply send them to anything, they will turn out to be anything.

Coaching is not something that many, even when they earn high figures, may be able to do as well as you could for your friends and family. Your team needs you to firstly believe in them. They need you to correct them when they seem to lose focus. They need not be confused by two leaders with different philosophies. Network marketing is about each of us becoming a leader. It’s about each of us living a life that counts. We are living on purpose. You are the best coach for your frontline recruits. Jealously guard that position by doing your own meetings always.

There is a high risk of theft of prospects when they’ve been sent to other leaders’ meetings. Many leaders will convince long distance prospects that they cannot be successful without local support. This is a myth! How did mlm get to that place if someone who began it there wasn’t having foreign support? If trainings for your team are done by another leader, be as well ready to lose your team.

In a nutshell, the key to making it big in our industry is to become a leader. You should conduct your own meetings. Don’t be so dependent on others for support. If you do need it, a phone call once a week is enough. Decide to become more for the friends and families you recruited. Become an authority!

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